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Friday, March 13th
Calhoun's on Broadway!!!
6:00 Pm

More Details

The printer deadline for the journal is coming up REALLY soon! I will need your help to get that last editing crunch in before the Monday, March 16th deadline. The type of editing you can volunteer for varies but includes proof-reading already edited articles for typos, criticizing my Journal layout, fixing levels of photos, and fully editing last minute articles. I think that the best way of doing this is to share a pitcher of beer (or tea) at a great big table, thus minimizing internet static and email faff.

Bring your laptop and your thinking cap.

Please sign up on the wiki - but remember that by doing so you are committing yourself to those few hours next Friday. I cannot do this alone, and I cannot pull the weight for people who bail out last minute. You don't have to be an English student to be a good editor - You just need to have a fine set of eyes to spot the stuff I missed.

Last detail

A final read through will occur on Sunday the 15th, but details are TBA.

Hopefully it will just be a very casual run through to ensure no typos are present in the Journal.

Think of the Journal! THINK OF THE JOURNAL!

Amazing Friday volunteers:

  1. Karolina Hanula
  2. Chantelle Chan

Amazing Sunday Volunteers:

  1. Karolina Hanula

(There is no waiting list for this event)