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(Bar serving sign up)
(Bar serving sign up)
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6:30 - 7:30  
6:30 - 7:30  
#<br> Dan Eagen. Mmmm.....Beer.
#Dan Eagen. Mmmm.....Beer.
7:30 - 8:30
7:30 - 8:30

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This year again, the venue will be to Evans Lake Forest Education Centre. The good news is that is very close to Squamish, meaning more climbing! Tickets will start selling during Clubs day, September 19th - 21st. Look for our booth outside the SUB north entrance. If you can't make it to the booth at those times, drop by the clubroom around lunchtime.


Main article: Longhike

Longhike is a very popular annual event usually held on a weekend in late September or late October. Despite the name, for the most part it does not involve hiking, although some years there is a "rock 0" hike and/or a "rock 2.5" intro to sport climbing. On Saturday there is a "rock school" in Squamish. This consists of small groups led by an instructor who is a VOC member with climbing experience. Groups climb at either Murrin Park or the Little Smoke Bluffs. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. The Saturday night will include dinner at Evans lake followed by a dessert potluck and a huge party with a DJ. On Sunday and/or Monday is open climbing days and there will be no formal instruction. This is the perfect time to try out your newly learned skills with people that you have met climbing or partying.


Directions to Evans Lake from Highway 99

October 6th - 7th, 2007


Climbing in Squamish (Smoke Bluffs or Murrin Park), followed by a huge climbing party and sleepover at the Evans Lake Forest Education Centre. You'll be staying in cabins that fit 8-10 comfortably, bring a sleeping bag. If the weather is good, there's also a lake!

What to bring

  1. Clothes to climb in and stay warm and dry while at the base of the crag. Make sure you bring rain gear since it might rain
  2. Lunch (we will not be going to squamish for lunch you need to have food)
  3. Water
  4. Potluck dessert
  5. Helmet (climbing helmets are best but a bike helmet is ok)
  6. climbing harness and rock shoes at a minimum and a ATC belay device and locking biner (bring all the climbing gear that you have especially for rock 2 and 3!) sharing may be possible if you do not have the gear and the VOC does not have it. MEC rents out climbing shoes.
  7. Sleeping bag
  8. Thermarest or other camping mat
  9. Tent (if you want to sleep but there are cabins with beds and floor space)
  10. Tarp (if its really going to rain this might be fun to hang out under with your group)
  11. Musical instruments, other fun toys to play with


$45 includes climbing instruction, gear rental (plus a refundable damage deposit), accommodation for the night, and all the food you can eat the night of the party and breakfast the next morning, as well as a dessert potluck! There will also be some sweet prizes to deserving members Beer will be served at the event at a cost of $3 per beer. We are going to be having very good beer from the brew pub in Squamish. Tickets will be on sale starting on Clubs days, September 19th - 21st, 2007. Make sure that you keep your ticket because this will be how we hand out the sweet MEC door prizes.

Dry School (Mandatory!)

Wednesday, October 3rd WOOD 5 at 6:30 pm

<googlemap lat="49.264745" lon="-123.247472" zoom="15" scales="yes" controls="large" height="300" width="300" type="map"> (A)49.264745, -123.247472, Woodward Biomedical Library,2198 Health Sciences Mall </googlemap>

Bar serving sign up

Please sign up if you are interested in serving beer. this counts as a work hike!
6:30 - 7:30

  1. Dan Eagen. Mmmm.....Beer.

7:30 - 8:30






2007 Longhike Instructor Sign-Up

Name(s) and items you would like to teach.
Instructors are generally required to collect or provide any group gear that they will be using to teach including any ropes that you want from the club.

Rock 1: Intro to Climbing (Top Rope) INSTRUCTORS Full!

for people will little or no climbing experience, and who want to learn how to get off the ground safely. Topics covered include tying in, buddy checks, belaying, and possibly rapelling.

The list is currently full, please put your name in the Waiting List.

  1. Christian Champagne and Evan Morris (Burgers & fries or Sugar Loaf) pick a spot dudes these places are about 15min drive apart!
  2. Richard So and Dorota Paleczek (Neat and cool - flying circus - corn flake area)
  3. Derrick Lee and Lara Thompson (Neat and cool)
  4. Scott Webster and Dan Eagen (Sugar loaf)
  5. April Hall and Bob Lai and Stephen Lerch (Burgers and fries or Pixie corner)

Rock 2: Anchors INSTRUCTORS Full!

For people with some climbing experience who want to learn how to build anchors and set up top ropes. Topics covered include anchor building and rappelling.

The list is currently full, please put your name in the Waiting List.

  1. Will Whitty and Matt Baker (Burgers and Fries or other)
  2. Julie Patrick and Dave (Bog wall/sugar loaf)
  3. Tim Blair and Urszula Paleczek (Alexis/octopus garden)
  4. Sandra Nicol and Scott Nelson (Up among the firs or milkman)
  5. Bram v.Str. and Yanna Martinek (???????????)

Rock 3: Intro to Trad Climbing INSTRUCTORS Full!

for people with extensive seconding experience who want to learn how to lead climb. Topics covered include belaying a leader, gear placement and rope management.

The list is currently full, please put your name in the Waiting List.

  1. Piotr Forysinski and Matthew Carroll (Fern gully)
  2. Kaja Sadowski and Duncan McPhedran (?????????????????)
  3. Craig Alfredson and Steve Gillanders (Ronins corner)
  4. Arlin Kalenchuk

Waiting List

Not really of use any more since the instructor lists have more or less been finalized

  1. Andrew McGechaen
  2. Oker Chen (R1/R2)
  3. Jan McPhee
  4. Andrew Wylie
  5. Rom Rono (R2)
  6. Peter Hudson (R1,2,3) (but only if weather looks iffy for alpine climbing)

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