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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Longhike

Longhike is the club's popular, annual rock climbing & party extravaganza. Small groups are led by an instructor who is a fellow VOC member with climbing experience. On Saturday there is a "rock school" in Squamish and groups climb at either Murrin Park or the Little Smoke Bluffs. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. An alternative hiking trip will also be planned for those who do not wish to climb, but still want to be part of this fabulous weekend. Saturday night will feature dinner at Evans lake followed by a dessert potluck and a huge party with a DJ. Sunday and/or Monday is open to climbing (and/or hiking) and there will be no formal instruction. This is the perfect time to try out your newly learned skills with people that you have met climbing or partying.

Instructional Levels

Rock I - no climbing experience, or need a refresher on basic safety and how to tie in, belay, etc
Rock II - comfortable with Rock I techniques, learn to set-up anchors
Rock III - comfortable with Rock I and Rock II techniques, learn to lead climb

Hiking - an alternative to climbing (no actual instruction provided), no hiking experience necessary


October 1th - 3th, 2010


We will be meeting on October 2nd, 2010 at 9:00 am SHARP in the Smoke Bluffs parking lot. Note: It takes a good solid hour of driving from Vancouver to get here so plan accordingly.

Driving directions from UBC (Westbrook Mall & University Boulevard) to Smoke Bluffs parking lot (Google Maps)


We will then meet at [1] at 6:00 pm for BBQ. Make sure you organize your car to collect people from wherever they are since people may get split up during the day.

Driving directions from Smoke Bluffs parking lot to Sunwolf Outdoor Centre (Google Maps)


Climbing in Squamish (Smoke Bluffs or Murrin Park), followed by a huge climbing party and sleepover at the [2]. We will have a big party tent! You'll be staying in [3] that fit 3-4 comfortably. Since there is limited cabin space, most of us will be sleeping in tents. Bring a sleeping bag and pad. If the weather is good, there's also a river to swim and a huge fire pit!

What to bring

  • Clothes to climb in and stay warm and dry while at the base of the crag. Make sure you bring rain gear since it might rain
  • Lunch (We will not be going to Squamish for lunch; you need to have food)
  • Water
  • Beer mug/cup ($1 charge for plastic cups) - note that bringing your own alchohol is not permitted (license regulations, etc), but beer will be on sale for cheap!
  • Potluck dessert
  • Breakfast
  • Helmet (climbing helmets are best but a bike helmet is ok)
  • Climbing harness and rock shoes at a minimum and an ATC belay device with a locking biner (bring all the climbing gear that you have especially for rock 2 and 3!). Sharing may be possible if you do not have the gear and the VOC does not have it. MEC rents out climbing shoes.
  • Sleeping bag (-7C or higher).
  • Thermarest or other camping mat


  • Tent (There are cabins with beds and floor space, but you might sleep better in a tent.)
  • Tarp (If its really going to rain this might be fun to hang out under with your group)
  • Musical instruments, other fun toys to play with
  • Slackline
  • More food if you join us on Friday night already!


$40 (tent) - $50 (cabin)

Tickets will be available in the clubroom, sale starting on September 8th, 2010

Price includes:

  • Climbing instruction, by our enthusiastic and somewhat competent Club Members.
  • Gear rental (plus a refundable damage deposit). Note: We don't have enough for everybody.
  • Accommodation for Friday (optional) and Saturday.
  • Party (DJ, etc).
  • All the food you can eat the night of the party, as well as a dessert potluck!

Dry School (Mandatory!)

Date: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: TBD

The purpose of Dry School is to:

  • Sort people into rides; join up drivers and passengers.
  • Sort people into instructional groups, according to your abilities, experience, and preferences.
  • Make sure everybody knows what to bring.
  • Answer any interesting questions.


Mandatory Instructors meeting will be at 5:30pm, 1 hour directly before dry school.
Please consult with Lisa before adding your name here.


  1. Champagne

Rock Level


Medical Training/Gear
WFA (16h), OFA Level 3 (80h)


The following is information about the Driver and their occupants. Please remember to BE AT THE SMOKE BLUFF PARKING LOT BY 9:00AM and therefore NO FAFFING! Keep an eye out on this page in case spots open up or more cars present themselves!

Driver Phone Number Rock Level Passenger List
1 1234567 1

What if I don't have a ride?

  • Car: Keep an eye on the above section for availabilities. Things usually shift around a bit before the weekend. If there is space, contact the driver (politely, of course) to secure yourself a spot.
  • Bus: Greyhound runs between the Vancouver terminal & the Squamish terminal for $13.80 (with student discount). Unfortunately, the bus leaves at 8:00am and arrives @ 9:40am. The other option is to leave at 5:15am and arrive at 6:50am and you'll have 2 hours to kill. Please state which option you will take. I can wait for those arriving late @ 9:40am and bring you to join an instructor group, but we might have to do a bit of searching and it will cut into your climbing/learning time. The bus depot in Squamish is ~15min walk to the Smoke Bluffs parking lot, back along Highway 99. We will organize a car ferry to bring people to the Sunwolf Outdoor Centre at the end of the day.

People probably taking the bus (i.e. don't have rides):

What if I am hiking instead of climbing?

Hikers will probably be going to Garibaldi Lake. This is 18 kms return (9 one way), but it's practically a paved path, so we can do it in running shoes,carrying mostly lunch, water, and a jacket. Because we are not stopping at Smoke Bluffs, we need our own transportation system. I have room for four passengers in my car, and there will be other hikers with a car to share. I will email prospective hikers Tuesday around noon to see if this works for them, so that we will know what we are doing before the meeting Wed evening.

After the hike we will join the climbers at the Sunwolf Outdoor Centre. We can discuss plans for Sunday. If more people are motivated for a Sunday climb it might be switched. Unfortunately a lot of people bailed last year, so please only sign up if you are serious about your hiking plans!

Work Hikes

Want to rent gear? Or just lend a hand out of the goodness of your heart? Sign up below!

BBQ and Dinner Cleanup sign up

Morning Cleanup sign up

Bar Serving sign up

Note: You must be sober. There will be shifts.

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