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You feel like helping out with the organization and coordination of this event? Excellent, because we need a lot of people to make it happen.


Thank you for volunteering to instruct! You will all receive an email from me soon!

Like last year, we will need around 40 instructors for different rock groups. If you are a rad climber and you feel comfortable to instruct one of the rock levels, please sign up here! Instructors will attend longhike for free. You are not sure what rock level you want to instruct? Have a look at the Rock Climbing Instructor Manual [1]. In case you can instruct different levels, just put your name down for the preferred rock group and indicate in brackets what else you are comfortable teaching.

Rock 1

You will introduce students to climbing who have never climbed indoors or outdoors before and have never belayed.

  1. Omid Javadi (or 2/3)
  2. Shane Duan

Rock 2

You will prepare students to be able to go top roping and mostly teach anchors and rappelling.

  1. Steph Grothe (or 1/3)
  2. Piotr Forysinski (or 1,3,4)
  3. Lea Zhecheva (or 1)

Rock 3

You will teach how to lead climb and lead belay.

  1. Jens Vent-Schmidt (or 1/2)
  2. Julien Renard (or 1/2 )
  3. Will Beattie (or 1/2/4)

Rock 4

You will give an introduction to traditional climbing. Only students who know how to lead climb and lead belay will take this course.


I will post the list of helpers at the event, so that everyone who signed up knows exactly where to be when!

Beer Pick Up

We will need someone who has a big car to pick up 6 kegs on Friday (~220 L total) from Storm Brewing (Commercial Drive) and will set them up on Saturday after climbing. Would be best if you drive to Squamish on Friday. You will be reimbursed for gas, because kegs usually do not pay gas money like passengers do.

  1. (Cora Skaien might)
  2. (Jens Vent-Schmidt might)


Wanna flip burgers? Sign up here! We will probably start the BBQ Saturday around 6 PM to have some burgers ready when people come back from climbing around 6.30 PM.

Help with set-up 5-6pm:

Flip from 6-7pm:

Flip from 7-8pm/help to clean up:


Longhike needs people who want to sell beer tickets and pour beer on Saturday from around 8pm-1am. If you sign up here, it would be very much appreciated if you show up for your shift relatively sober or send someone else. The beer will be sold in our party tent, where the music and dancing happens so you will not get bored!


  1. Will Beattie
  2. Omid Javadi will be around to setup the tap system and keep it running all night





Sunday clean up and taking down the party tent (10 am-12pm)

Usually it does not get too messy, because we are all reasonably responsible. Right? This year we will also have to take down our party tent though, so it would be good if we had 5-10 people sign up here. After the Sunday clean up most people will head to the smoke bluffs and go climbing.