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The Main Carnival Event

The VOC will have a booth at the Main Event Carnival on September 4th from 2:30pm to 5:00pm. The booth is just there to inform students about the club. Some help setting up the booth, talking to students and taking down the booth will be needed. Sign up below during the times that you are available. I have only place three spots in each time slot because more than this would be slightly excessive.

Also, we will need at least one Exec member in the clubroom during these times to sign up any really eager folk. Sign up is below under participants.


Booth # 127, near the biology building (location not exact on Google Maps)

<googlemap lat="49.2645" lon="-123.252676" zoom="18" width="500" heigth="200" scale="yes" controls="medium"> (A)49.2645, -123.252676 </googlemap>


1) Andrew Silversides
2) Mia Chung
Clubroom: Duncan McPhedran

1) Dorota Paleczek
2) Charlie Caunt
3) Natalie Stafl

Clubroom:Richard So

1) Kaja Sadowski
2) Seth Adams
3) Christian C.
Clubroom:Richard So (I prefer not to vegetate in the clubroom for so long, but I'll be here if nobody else can make it)

Thank you, Meghan Anderson