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The trip runs Saturday, March 19th, 2011 to Hollyburn Mountain. Exact time of departure TBD, likely in the early evening.

This is a beginner-friendly trip. We'll be heading up Hollyburn in the evening to snowshoe up to the summit. We'll probably be back quite late at night.

No pre-trip meeting.

Questions? Email Emily


Our moon is full on March 19, and it is the lunar perigee. It's nice to hike sans headlamp, especially if its clear.

Equipment List

See Gear List.

You can rent snowshoes from the VOC or MEC if needed. Some people also choose to hike with poles. (That's in addition to the snowshoes, of course, not instead of them.)

Optional bringing of warm beverages. Mmmm.

Sign Up

Current limit for trip participants is 10.

Sign up via the Trip Agenda Tool