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June 14-15


This trip requires abundant good weather and abundant sun protection. If it is sufficiently hot, you might need skis or snowshoes, though we did it in boots in slush once and it was a lot of work breaking trail. Other toys you should bring include a rope and a plan for getting out of crevasses, should you fall in one.

The usual schedule is to have a leisurely Saturday and camp either at the usual spot beside the Coleman Glacier or further west, at the end of Heliotrope Ridge. Then get up pretty early Sunday and try to get a long ways up before the snow softens too much.

This area is part of a National Park, so it is pretty well regulated. Party size must not exceed 12 people (or people + horses), or party will be fined and embarrassed. Splitting into two parties who claim to not know each other, is not acceptable. And there are no toilets up there and you have to poop in plastic bags and carry it out. Get the bags where you register at the Glacier Ranger Station, and where you pay to park.

Avoid US Holidays as they are a zoo up there.

Sign Up

  1. Eric Escobar
  2. Krystil Koethler
  3. Scott Webster
  4. Jean Filion (778) 233-6579 Gear: 2 person (can fit 3) 4-season tent, harness, crampons, ice axes.
  5. Anne Vialettes
  6. Jason Bedard
  7. Anton Bezglasnyy (604 763 3641) Gear: 2 person, 4 season tent, stove+pot, harness, crampons, ice axe.
  8. Jordan Best Gear: 2 person tent, stove/pots, all my own climbing jazz
  9. Eric DeGiuli; harness, ice axe
  10. Miriam Gantert
  11. Chris Petrus
  12. Chris Michalak


Jean - I can book a rental van, can fit 5 people plus myself if necessary.

Jordan - I should have two or three free spots.

Carless People

  • For people who don't have a ride.

Note: Please add email or phone number and gear beside your name <math>Insert formula here</math>