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Needle Peak 2007, 16th Annual Trip

The 16th Annual day hike to Needle Peak will be taking place on Sunday October 21st. This area has provided great hikes in the past. The area and 2006 trip are discussed here: [1].

Needle Peak is very scenic, and includes some scrambling. The hike will take about XXX hours and has XXX metres of elevation gain.

At this time last year, snow at the peak was light and patchy, thus hiking boots were appropriate. Bring layers of clothes suitable for coldness or rain. Also bring food and water.

The drive from UBC to Needle Peak will take about 2.5 hours. Rides are available. Andrew M's car will leave UBC at 6:30 to allow plenty of time. More drivers will be wanted if many passengers express interest. Drivers should aim to arrive at Needle Peak at about 9:00 in order for the hikers to begin together.

Everyone is welcome on this hike. It is suitable for beginners.

Trip Sign Up

    1. Andrew McGechaen
    2. Melanie Ebsworth
    3. Rebecca Quiring
    4. Dan Eagen


  • Example Driver (4 spots) (Leaving from ORIGIN at TIME)

  • Andrew M (3 spots) (Leaving from UBC at 6:30)