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January 30th happens to be my birthday and I'd like to get out and enjoy some of nature's finest with some great friends.

  • Location - Tentatively set to be Snowspider.
  • Time - January 28, 29,30

Note: If some people want to head up on the 27th and go till the 29th that is fine by me. Also, if some just want to ski in and ski out as a two day trip that is also fine.

Sign Up

  1. Nick
  2. Sam the man
  3. Champagne
  4. Laura Morrison (Friday to Sunday)
  5. Natalie
  6. Brie cheese Breanne

Drivers & Passengers

  • Drivers Name [Location leaving from, Number of passengers]
  • Tele-Transporter [Richmond, 4 passengers]
  1. Nick
  2. Champagne (screw tele)
  3. Nat (I could also drive if need be- probably in North Van)
  4. Breanne

(Someone pick me up in Pemby? Cheers, Sam)

  • AT-Transporter [Dunbar, 5 passengers] Friday to Sunday
  1. Todd M
  2. Ryan M
  3. Len Goff
  4. Philip Daoust
  5. Laura

Camping Groups (Food and Tent)

There will be a birthday dessert pot-luck, so everyone please bring a contribution.

  • Nick's Light is Right Circus Tent
  1. Nick
  2. Champagne
  3. Nat

(I won't claim a spot in the circus tent because I have a tent of my own but I won't lie and say that I wouldn't mind a spot. Sincerely, Sam)

Spoon Sam in a narrow tent (Sporking available upon demand, but upon agreement that I be the big spoon)

  1. Sam
  2. AYL (That means you)