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# Matthew Payne
# Matthew Payne
# Adam Carmichael

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 @ 7 pm


10% off at MEC during our clubsnight with the ACC

That's right - after regular hours on Tuesday November 10th our very own Mountain Equipment Coop will be opening their doors to allow our members a chance to buy gear at 10% off the retail price. This event is for members of the VOC and ACC, in addition to getting a good price on gear it will give you a chance to see what these clubs are all about and how your free ACC membership works (did you know you get a free ACC membership as a VOC member?).

Be there at 7:00pm for a quick presentation about what MEC, the VOC, and the ACC can do for you, hear about the screenings at the upcoming Banff Mountain Film Festival and then shop 'till you've got all the gear you need, you run out of money, or 9:00pm - whichever comes first!

Details also available on the ACC Vancouver section website.

Be sure and sign up below as space is limited to 100 people. As there is no pre-trip meeting, if you can't make it please remove yourself from the list so that somebody else can take your spot. We'll be checking names at the door.


Space is limited to 123 participants from the VOC (and 2 helpers) (and 75 from the ACC). Please be kind to your peers and remove yourself if you change your mind and will no longer be attending. We will check names at the door. Note that the ACC has generously "donated" 25 of their spots to the VOC.

  1. "Chuck" Doris
  2. Sideshow Bob L
  3. Bram "THE RAM" of the Streets
  4. Paul L
  5. Evan "The Broken" M
  6. Craig "the wonder from down under" T
  7. Andy D
  8. Will W.
  9. Nick C.
  10. Nick M.
  11. Todd Mackenzie
  12. Lewis Kitchen
  13. Sam "The Man" Mason
  14. Gwyn Thomas
  15. Hannes Fugmann
  16. Svenja Herrmann
  17. Colin "Ballin'" Vincent
  18. Jennie French
  19. Rich SO HOT
  20. Lee Fuzzywuzzylenko
  21. Greta "The Tank" Raymant
  22. Ran "Away" Zhang
  23. Anthea "Sing a" Song
  24. Meg "Other Meghan Anderson" Anderson
  25. Jennifer Yip
  26. Scott Nelson
  27. Dummy Derrick Lee
  28. SpiderMike Simons
  29. Chris Lazatin
  30. Eric Escobar
  31. Caitlin Schneider
  32. AnneV
  33. Piotr
  34. Adrian Armstrong
  35. Caroline Villiard
  36. Jiyoon Koo
  37. Christian "Other other Christian" Sampaleanu
  38. Luke Kysow
  39. Ron Maharik
  40. Dana Hoffmann
  41. Cameron Crossley
  42. Janie-Rae Byrum
  43. Edward Budiman!
  44. Kaan Williams
  45. justin hall
  46. Angela Phung
  47. Toby "Hucker" Hopkinson
  48. Gili Rosenberg
  49. Maya Goldstein
  50. Tobi Volkman
  51. Catherine Fontaine
  52. Matt Hansell
  53. Andrew McGechaen
  54. Noriko O
  55. Little Pittl (Lisa)
  56. Mari Langehaug
  57. Tiffany Shen
  58. Helena Weiner
  59. Miriam Bujak
  60. Anna Szeitz
  61. Naomi Dernoga
  62. Breanne Johnson
  63. Allison Haas
  64. Roger Schwander
  65. Jay "slap chop" Burbee
  66. Laura Catton
  67. Justin Kong
  68. Heather Beveridge
  69. Emily "all the" Payne "you can handle"
  70. Dianne Yu
  71. Bruno Godin
  72. Maria Buechner
  73. Kristen Brewer
  74. Pete Hudson
  75. Claire Haddock
  76. Jill "Jillybean" Kennedy
  77. Tec McMillan
  78. Emily Beach
  79. Anette Heggoy
  80. Maria Fredriksson
  81. Noah Guadagni
  82. Jannu Casanova
  83. Jennie Thunman
  84. Merick Moritz
  85. Tyler Rosmini
  86. Christina Mai
  87. Devon Carr
  88. Mie Winstrup
  89. Brent Lin
  90. Etienne H
  91. Jonathan Desautels
  92. Carolyn Grise
  93. Maddie Crowell
  94. Omar A (Thanks)
  95. Fraser Foulds
  96. Elliot Boake
  97. Philip Ketterer
  98. Jon Rothwell
  99. Colin F
  100. Gregory Marler
  101. Mohammad M
  102. Sarah Stepec
  103. Erica Mitchell
  104. Alex Evans
  105. Gretchen Chuang
  106. Dan Gainer
  107. Alexandros Dimopoulos
  108. Matthew Payne
  110. Adam Carmichael

  111. Roland Burton (Replace me if you need this spot. I already own everything)

Space is limited to 123 participants from the VOC (and 2 helpers) (and 75 from the ACC). Please be kind to your peers and remove yourself if you change your mind and will no longer be attending. We will check names at the door.


Helping out

We need some (2) people to help out taking names at the door, and manning a small VOC table where we'll sell all the stuff you can normally get in the clubroom (Journals, Tshirts, Stickers, songbooks, Avy course spots, etc). We will take turns, so you'll still get a chance to shop.

  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Christian Champagne