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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


  • The plan is to scramble up Mt Cook and Weart. Camping at Wedgemount lake on Saturday
  • Both the scrambles descriptions are in Matt Gunn's Scrambles book (there's one in the club room)
  • Why is this Beginner Friendly? - this trip is beginner friendly in the sense that beginners to hiking or scrambling are welcome and we will be happy to teach and wait for them, not in the sense that it is easy or safe. See the VOC definition of beginner friendly Here.

Skills Required

  • General fitness, decent elevation gain
  • 1000 meters ish elevation gain to the campsite, and 750/900 to Cook/Weart



Follow the highway 99 North to Squamish and Whistler. Past Whistler, take the Wedgemount Lake Road turnoff. See google maps for description untill here. This turnoff is on the right side of the road, after passing Green Lake. The Wedgemount Lake Road can be driven with a normal 2WD. Turn left after crossing the Green River and railroad, then right up a hill where a sign indicates the route to Wedgemount Lake. Just a bit further up, the overgrown Rethel Creek Spur branches off to the right. Road's end is about 2km from Hwy 99 turnoff (parking and outhouse).


  • Leave Vancouver by 7:00am (meaning you're merging onto Highway 1).
  • Meet at the car parking area at 9:30.
  • Follow the Wedgemount Lake Trail (1150m elevation gain in ~7km), steep but easy to follow.
  • We will all camp at the lake camp sites. These campsites are located at the North side of Wedgemount lake, ~10 minutes past the Wedgemount Lake hut, near the inlet from the Armchair Glacier. There are ~10 tentpads at this location with overflow camping available on the delta near the lake sites. There is also an outhouse and running creek for water at the lake camp sites.
  • Drop the heavy gear and head for Cook
  • Scrambling up Cook should be approx 2 hours up, depending on conditions.
Left to right: Wedge, Parkhurst and Rethel Mountain (mid July '07)
Mount Weart(photo from
Wedge Hut (photo from


  • Head up Mt Weart (3-5hours), and head back home for beer.
  • Things change, this is a rough plan but it depends on snow conditions/weather/if there a better option to climb.

Gear Required

Check out the gear lists on the wiki for a scrambling trip here: Gear lists

Remember, the VOC has lots of gear for rent in the clubroom. If you don't have good boots, gaiters or a helmet, the club can hook you up.


  • 1 set of non-cotton clothes (just the one set)
  • 1 additional warm thing (fleece / down jacket)
  • water proof jacket (even if the weather is suppose to be good)
  • toque (very important!!!)
  • sturdy, waterproof, hiking boots
  • sun hat
  • gaiters
  • an extra set of non-cotton clothes might be worth the weight if the weather is going to be bad


  • Tents (not everyone)
  • sleeping bag (there probably will be snow round)
  • sleeping pad


  • sunscreen
  • headlamp (very important!!!)
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • bug net (works way better than bug juice, plus it doesn't wreck the environment or your stuff)
  • toilet Paper
  • toothbrush
  • lighter


  • helmet (You can borrow one from the club. Check here for gear rental hours)
  • hiking poles (optional, might be nice)


  • stove + pot + fuel + lighter (or share with someone)
  • thing to eat out of
  • spoon
  • lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch (or join a food group)
  • water (at least two litres!!!!)
  • something to make your drinking water safe (like Aquatabs)


and a pack to put it all in.

Pre-Trip Meeting

The Pre-Trip Meeting will be at 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 3rd in the club room in the SUB.

  • It is very important that you attend the pre-trip meeting as we'll be deciding on rides, accommodations, food groups, etc. We'll also decide the final number for this trip and we'll go over important details and skills.
  • If you can't attend the Pre-Trip meeting but still want to go contact Katherine Valentine at possum_val(at)hotmaill(dot)com and one of the drivers to make sure you have a ride.


Trip size depends on how many 'experienced' type people sign up. For now I'll cap it at 15 but this may increase. Please sign up and indicate your experience level, if you have a tent or a car.

  1. Katherine Valentine (needs a tent to sleep in, but somewhat experienced)
  2. Liam Harrap (Somewhat experienced. Have Tent & Stove & Car)
  3. Sandra Lyding (Somewhat experienced. No tent or stove)
  4. Matthias Splittgerber (experienced - no tent)
  5. Gemma Grimes (experienced, has a tent)
  6. Daniel Schweizer (somewhat experienced - tent)
  7. Julia Gustavsen (inexperienced, have tent but no car)
  8. Chris Yuen (Somewhat experienced. Have tent, stove and car)
  9. Andrew Primavera (Have stove, somewhat experienced)
  10. James Murphy (experienced, have tent and car)
  11. Conrad Koziol (semi-experienced. stove, tent)
  12. Derry Lappin (scrambling 'experienced', tent, stove and maybe a car)
  13. Eva Westin (somewhat experienced, no tent, no car)
  14. Jeff Chua (inexperienced, no tent, no car)
  15. Brad Ward (experienced, have a tent, stove, no car)
  16. Philip
  17. Megan O'Brien
  18. Bayden Hamilton
  19. Len Goff


We can sort out rides at the pre-trip meeting.

  • Bayden
  • 1 Eva
  • 2 Philip
  • 3 Megan
  • 4 Gemma
  • Chris
  • 1 Andrew
  • 2 Matthias
  • 3 Jeff
  • James
  • 1 Elisa
  • 2 Julia
  • Derry
  • 1 Danial
  • 2 Katherine
  • 3 Conrad
  • Liam
  • 1 Sandra
  • 2 Danny
  • 3 Brad