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Meeting: April 10th 2014



Summer Schedules

Who is around of the new exec?

  • President: Clemens Adolphs
  • Treasurer: Caitlin Schneider
  • Vice President: Ian Johnston- At SFU all summer
  • Archivist: Anne Darby - on and off May - August
  • Swag master: Ted Angus
  • Public Relations: Stephanie Grothe - mostly around. Might disappear in 2015 but not sure.
  • Quartermaster: Julien Renard,
  • Quartermaster: Cassandra Elphinstone - Ellesmere Island, June-August
  • Quartermaster: Gabe Frame,
  • Quartermaster: Tianna Sturdy - Treeplanting May - July, Yukon/Vancouver in August
  • Quartermaster: Krista Cawley - in Powell River working May-Aug, back in September
  • Membership Chair: Vickie Irish
  • VOCene / Website editor: Cora Skaien- on the Gulf Islands off and on throughout summer; away second half August
  • Trips Coordinator: Jens Vent-Schmidt
  • FMCBC/ACC Rep: Emilie Gibeau -will be working in Montana for the summer. sorry!
  • Journal Editor: Amanda Johnson (should try to get a co-editor)
  • Huts Coordinator: Nathan Starzynski
  • Trails Coordinator: Magda Price away for long weekends in July and August
  • Climbing Wall Coordinator: Corey Kelly - Around and on campus all Summer.
  • Useful person: Roland. I should be around all summer. I have been invited to spend 2 wks on the Island around Aug 1st, but may instead be working on renovating the Harrison Hut/trail.

Who is around of the old exec?

  • Alfred: Around or somewhat nearby over the summer
  • Ru
  • Gilian
  • Fisal
  • Marie-Eve: Will be there until the end of August, I want to be removed from the exec email list in September
  • Ryan
  • Alex
  • Olek
  • Annie
  • Christina
  • Ian D.
  • Lachlan - will be back in Aus from late May or early June. Sad times...
  • Dave

Organizational Summer things

  1. Exec Meetings:
  2. Check mail - Caitlin?
  3. Gear Hours - 2-3 hours a week?
  4. Who will book rooms in the sub?
  5. Beach barbecue every first Wednesday of each month.

Proposed Summer Trips


  • April 18 (Friday) – April 21(Monday) Easter Long Weekend
  • too early for Harrison? Good for Phelix? Brew? Climbing.


  • BBQ
  • Intro to rock climbing Artem and Corey
  • Son of Rock - Ian or Jens?
  • Introduction to Mountaineering in May? Omid?
  • May 19 (Monday) Victoria day Long Weekend
  • May 19 MEC Harrison Trail Grant is approved, or not.
  • Harrison trail/hut exploration trips (or later in Spring?) Magda


  • BBQ:
  • Kayak polo at the beach?
  • Lead Ladder - Jon
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage?
  • Harrison trail/hut exploration
  • Caitlin`s Howe Sound sea Kayaking adventure


  • July 1 (Tuesday) Possibly very long weekend
  • Harrison Hut/trail
  • BBQ:
  • Kayak polo at the beach?
  • some cool Traverse?
  • Scrambling trips (Marie-Eve will try to organize a beginner friendly one in July or August) Clemens Sky Pilot?
  • Summer Neve traverse
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips (Cora is keen to organize some hiking and climbing trips)
  • Brew-helicopter-wood trip


  • August 4 (Monday) BC Day Long Weekend
  • Harrison Hut/trail (long weekend)
  • BBQ:
  • Kayak polo at the beach?
  • Some scrambling trips?
  • Mountaineering trips?
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips Ian, Jens, bunch of other people
  • Bugaboos?


  • Monday September 1 Long Weekend - Mountaineering Camp
  • Harrison Hut/trail
  • BBQ:
  • Glacier school - ?? (Trip Coord) -> Jens
  • Clubs days - ?? (print posters?)
  • Longhike - Ian
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage?
  • Some beginner-friendly hking, scrambling and climbing trips
  • Indian Arm Sea Kayaking trip?
  • Grad student orientation, Fair on the mall

Other ideas

  1. Harrison hut/trail
  2. Neve in the summer
  3. Veenstra Summer Traverse
  4. Sea Kayaking
  5. River Kayaking
  6. Juan de Fuca trail
  7. Lions
  8. Black Tusk trip
  9. Garibaldi lake
  10. Cheakamus Garibaldi
  11. Matier - as some intro to mountaineering?
  12. Baker
  13. Rainier?
  14. Something in the Tantalus area?

Other Items to Discuss

  1. Summer Exec meetings
  2. Office hours (for the busy time in September/October we need office hours in addition to gear hours, 12-1pm, most days)
  3. Get quartermaster helpers
  4. gear repair sessions
  5. How to use the wiki/exec docs/VOC homepage.. (and what Cora has to do and know for this as the VOCene Editor...)
  6. Peer support group
  7. Club room organization