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June 27th and 28th, six hours per day for a total of 12 hours, exact times TBD.


TBD. Suggestions are welcome.


Boat rental (unless you can borrow), including appropriate gear PLUS $25 divided by the number of attendees (excluding instructor), this is to cover the cost of course registration with Paddle Canada.

Details about the session

This is an instruction course about Sea Kayaking - day paddling skills in sheltered water. Paddle Canada is the governing body for Canoe and Kayak instruction across Canada. The aim of this course is to complete the requirements for a Level One certification. Please see for further information on Paddle Canada and the different levels. To join this course you must have previous kayaking experience, you must be comfortable doing a wet-exit and familiar with an assisted rescue, as well as be able to manoeuvre your boat using forward, backward, stopping, sweep and draw strokes.


Faroe Des Roches


Maximum 6 attendees

--Has Boat--

--Needs Boat and will be renting--

  1. Doris Leong - prefer starting at a rental place
  2. Julia Macdonald


You must be prepared to be wet, therefore immersion gear is necessary either in the form of a wetsuit or drysuit. Your boat must have appropriate buoyancy.

Equipment: all Transport Canada requirements: Personal Flotation Device with a whistle, Paddle and spare, Bailing device, Buoyant Heaving Line,

plus Spray skirt

Further information

If you have any questions post on the trips message board.