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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Once upon a time, access to the Brian Waddington Hut was difficult. Then the club built a beautiful new trail.

The trail is in pretty good shape, but it won't stay that way without maintenance. This will be a great chance to get out and do some real, useful, but not too threatening work for the club. October is a great time for these sorts of things - you'll feel good, even though the climbing season is coming to an end and ski season is yet to begin.

This trip will be beginner friendly


This trip will happen on October 24-25, with a pre-trip meeting the Wednesday before, before the slide show at 6:00pm in the clubroom. If you can't make it, get somebody (anybody, other than me) to represent you. Be sure they know enough information so that we can make arrangements for rides, eating and sleeping.

Note: sorry to those 2 who signed up for the original posted date a week earlier - it had to be moved

Specific Tasks

There will be 4 main goals, and I'd like to divide the group into 4 to deal with them:

Make the clearcut section nicer

The trail goes through a clearcut along a deactivated logging road. The trail bed could use some levelling with heavy tools like shovels and mattocks etc.

Fix up the wet sections about 100m below the lake

Some parts of the trail go through topsoil with built in aquifers. This means that the water basically oozes out of the dirt turning the trail into a mud pit. Uphill ditching along with the use of rocks, logs and transported mineral soil will turn these sections into sections which will last.

Finish the trail around the lake

The trail around the lake is in it's infancy. It needs a bit of brushing, probably some markering, at least 1 bridge, and some effort dealing with wet sections.

General maintenance

The rest of the trail is in beautiful shape, but won't stay that way without a little TLC. Pruning back sections which are re-growing, re-digging water bars, and moving blowdowns.

What to bring to survive

Be sure and bring everything you'll need for an overnight hut trip. It will probably be cold and wet, so as usual don't bother bringing anything made out of cotton. The hut will probably be reasonably warm, packed full of people, but if you're in a tent you may want your winter bag. It won't surprise me if we find snow but there won't be enough to require snowshoes or skis.

Bring good boots too, preferably waterproof. I don't want anybody hurting their ankles bushwacking around near the trail. For reference, I'll probably wear my double plastic mountaineering boots since they are beefy, warm, and make a good tool for trail work all by themselves.

If you have work gloves or tools suitable for trail maintenance (basically, gardening tools or beefy stuff like an old axe you don't particularly love), bring them too.


  1. Ryan Mckenzie's car (16 arbutus)
  2. Gwyn Thomas
  3. Tomas Branson
  4. Anett Heggoy
  5. Maria B
  1. Ryan Goldsbury's car (5th and balsam)
  2. Ali Sharif
  3. Merick Moritz
  4. Kjell
  5. Christian Veenstra
  1. Nick Chng
  2. Tom Beingessner
  3. Zoe K
  4. Katie Gibson (Totem)
  5. Lyndsey Veenstra