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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


February 17th - 25th, 2007

Sign Up

Please mention your disponibility and climbing gear you will be bringing.

  1. James Painter
  2. Tiffany Shen
  3. Katie something or other
  4. Oker
  5. Andrew Silversides
  6. Andrew Pare
  7. Candice Vallantin
  8. Afton Halloran
  9. Robert Fischer
  10. Elizabeth Lang
  11. Irena Kuca
  12. Jeff McCord
  13. Yanna Martinek
  14. Julie Patrick
  15. Dave Williams
  16. Hilary Smith
  17. Oliver MacLean


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear.

Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.

  • Driver (3 of passengers) [Time of Departure from Vancouver - Time of departure from Red Rocks] (Gear)
    • Passenger 1
    • Passenger 2
    • Passenger 3

  • Tiffany Shen (# of passengers) [Time of Departure from Vancouver - Time of departure from Red Rocks] (Gear)
    • Elizabeth Lang :)Unfortunately :P
    • Sam-beginner
    • passenger-open
    • James Painter
  • Andrew Pare(3 passengers) [Not quite sure yet] (Rope, slings, quickdraws, biners)
    • Ileana Costrut
    • Afton Halloran (604-722-2306, I'm lacking in the rope department - I have a harness/shoes, that's all)
    • Oliver MacLean (604-319-7723)
  • Dave Williams (604-728-4726) (4 passengers) [Departing from Vancouver whenever - Time of departure from Red Rocks?] (Rope, Slings, quickdraws, biners)
    • Andrew Silversides
    • Yanna Martinek
    • Julie Patrick (Rope, 10 draws, anchor stuff)
    • Irena

Carless People

  • For people whom don't have a ride.

Note: Please add email or phone number and gear beside your name