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How to sign up (edit this page)

You need to create your own wiki account to edit this page and add your name. Just hit "sign up" on the top right of any of the wiki pages. It'll ask you a security question. We can't put the answer just here or the spam-bots will return, but it's easy to find on the VOC message board, and the word props up in our trip reports all the time :)


I will post the list of helpers at the event, so that everyone who signed up knows exactly where to be when!

Beer Pick Up

We will need someone who has a big car to pick up 6 kegs on xx (~220 L total) from xx and will set them up on Saturday after climbing. You will be reimbursed for gas, because kegs usually do not pay gas money like passengers do.

Sound System Pickup

We will need someone who has a big car to pick up the sound equipment that we have rented from xx. Would be best if you drive to Squamish on Friday. You will be reimbursed for gas, because speakers usually do not pay gas money like passengers do.


Wanna flip burgers? Sign up here! We will probably start the BBQ Saturday around 6 PM to have some burgers ready when people come back from climbing around 6.30 PM.

Help with set-up 5-6pm:

Flip from 6-7pm:

  1. Crystal To

Flip from 7-8pm/help to clean up:

  1. Linda Kiritchkov


Longhike needs people who want to sell beer tickets and pour beer on Saturday from around 8pm-1am. To pour beer, you must have Serving it Right. If you do not have this, the club will pay for you to do the course online (takes about an hour)! If you sign up here, it would be very much appreciated if you show up for your shift relatively sober or send someone else. The beer will be sold in our party tent, where the music and dancing happens so you will not get bored!

PubMaster: Oversees the whole operations.

  1. 8-11: Jess Landing (<-DOES have Serving It Right)
  2. 11-1:


  1. Graham Brown (<- does not have serving it right. Yet.)
  2. Nicole Barrette (No serving it right)
  3. Arshpreet Dhaliwal (No serving it right)


  1. Ben Clark (<- no Serving It Right yet)
  2. Esther Li (have serving it right)
  3. Cathy Sze (<-does have Serving It Right)


  1. Ben Clark (<- no Serving It Right yet)
  2. JoJo Das (YES Serving It Right)
  3. Tara Virginillo (<- no Serving It Right yet)


  1. Aaron Yeung (<- no Serving It Right yet)
  2. Max Tetteroo (<- no Serving It Right yet)


Saturday Night Bouncer (8 PM to 11 PM)

In previous years, we have had problems with party crashers who are NOT part of the VOC. We need volunteers who can ensure that everyone in the party tent (and general area) has a wristband. If they do not, send them to me to get their assigned wrist band if they are a club, or send them packing elsewhere.




Help DJ Put Stuff Away

We need two or three people to help the DJ pack up at 1 AM.

Sunday clean up(10 am-12pm)

Usually it does not get too messy, because we are all reasonably responsible. Right? Well we may not be as clean as we think and a little help tidying up is appreciated. After the Sunday clean up most people will head to the smoke bluffs and go climbing.

Tent Area Cleanup

  1. Vinci Au
  2. Prerna Sood
  3. Erica Li-Leger

Dance Area Cleanup