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Self Propelled UBC to MT. BAKER

Tentative Dates Fed 20-23 2009 or 18-21st?

The goal as envisioned thus far.

Day One

  • Cycle the roughly 130km from UBC the parking lot of Mt.Baker on the first day. Camp somewhere out of harms way.

Day Two

  • Set out early to gain as much elevation on day two and find an suitable bivy.

Day Three

  • Summit early day three, ski out to parking lot in all our glory, and cycle back to Glacier (the closest town to the ski hill) for beer and hearty food before slumber.

Day Four

  • slog the reaming 100+kms home...

Doesn't this sound like fun... anybody?

Time to get serious. Who can make the 18th - 21st?

  • Chris BL

Who can make 20-23rd?

How would this work? My thought was to try to load things on panniers with light skis on back. Would you do this, or bring a trailer? -cpbl

Old comments:

CPBL: Yes!!!!!!! But I would need to be back by 22nd, ie shift to 19th-22nd. I teach on 23rd. Previous week is reading week at UBC.

Len Goff: This is so ambitious it might just work... I'm definately interested, I'll have to see closer in if I can miss class though. Were you planning on renting some stuff down there in order to avoid carrying it (e.g. skis)?

Eric Deal: I am also very intersted in doing this trip. The MAP

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="48.824497" lon="-121.825333" zoom="11" controls="small"> 6#B2758BC5 49.263787, -123.239697 UBC 49.240077, -122.946121 49.206832, -122.893066 49.081962, -122.586823 49.05593, -122.400925 49.05593, -122.278702 48.964051, -122.229263 48.972165, -122.172958 48.910827, -122.138626 48.927492, -122.026955 48.888228, -121.931511 48.904479, -121.906792 48.907187, -121.693932 48.86339, -121.655479 48.864293, -121.678825 48.77568, -121.814781 48.88597, -121.932198 </googlemap>