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Shuksan Fisher Chimneys


Organized by: Laura Morrison


Start time: Saturday, Jul. 23rd

End time: Sunday, Jul. 24th

Pre-trip meeting location: In your email inbox


Details and Signup Here!

Route Description

  • From Mount Baker ski area, 3-4 hours easy hike on a trail to Lake Anne and then to the moraines on the left side of the Lower Curtis Glacier.
  • Find the right chimney. Hopefully this will be easy because there's an orange mark and I've been here before, but you never know.
  • 100m vertical of 3rd class scrambling with a couple of 4th class sections that we might belay. These sections will probably be short rappels on the way down. This part is fun.
  • Camp on the snow at the top of the chimney.
  • Up Winnie's Slide, a short steep snow slope.
  • Long traverse south across the Upper Curtis Glacier and then a steeper section called Hell's Highway.
  • Swing north to the summit pyramid and climb it on snow and 3rd class rock.
  • Back the way we came, packing up camp on the way.

Gear List

  • Remember you have to climb while carrying all your stuff.

Your clothing and camping gear (tent, stove, etc) plus:

  • mountaineering boots (ideally waterproof leather, must fit your crampons)
  • crampons (that fit your boots!)
  • ice ax
  • helmet
  • harness
  • minimal crevasse rescue stuff (prussiks, a few locking carabiners, a sling)
  • the setup you use for rappelling (I use an ATC with a short prussik)
  • a leash to attach yourself to an anchor

Driving Directions

  • Head south on highway 99, following signs for USA Border.
  • Cross the border.
  • Take exit 255 for Sunset Dr, following signs for Mount Baker Highway.
  • After the town of Glacier, you must register at the Park Service Office on the right side of the road.
  • Continue to the ski hill and go up steep switchbacks to the Austin Pass/Lake Ann trailhead.