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December 2006:

  • December 1: Winter social! AGM, Pizza, and a slideshow by Nick Elson about his trip up Cassin Ridge, Alaska. Not to be missed. 6pm. SUB Ballroom. See Winter_Social for details.
  • December 13, 7pm, clubroom: 4 months worth of weekends rock climbing around Melbourne Australia.
    May to Sept 2006, Presented by Ben Singleton-Polster

November 2006:

  • November 1, 7pm, clubroom: Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open: 21 days in Tombstone Territorial Park.
    Boris will give a slideshow on his adventures while backpacking through Tombstone park, Yukon. Don't miss Boris' amazing pictures of this truly beautiful place...
  • November 2,7pm, MEC: Glaciers, Girls and Granite.
    For anyone who missed the Glacier Girls' presentation in September, here is another chance to see their show.
  • November 8, 7pm, clubroom: Stein valley, 9 days backpacking in the Coast Mountains. By Evan, Peter & Pascal
  • November 15, 7pm, clubroom: Wrangling in Yukon.
    Part two of Boris-in-the-Yukon-for-3-months: is our secret agent a cowboy?
  • November 22, 7pm, clubroom: Pemberton Icefield Traverse.
    An eight day ski traverse in the Coast Mountains, April 2006. Presented by Richard So
  • November 29, 7pm, clubroom: 3 days backpacking in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
    Presented by Maria & Christine. Media: digital & a few good old-fashioned slides.

October 2006:

  • October 10,12.00h (noon): Paddling in the Aleutians by Sheldon Green.

In June Sheldon Green and Sheila Keet departed Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, for a planned circumnavigation of Unalaska and Umnak Islands in the Aleutian chain. This slide show documents their adventures. The paddlers thank MEC and Kokatat for their support. Location: This will not be in the clubroom, but in the Forest Science Centre, room 1221 (see map for location)

  • October 25, 7pm, clubroom: Boris his slideshow will be rescheduled. We will show Vertical Limit instead. A hilarious climbing movie...

September 2006:

  • September 20: Glaciers Girls and Granite.

The four glacier girls (Greta, Alex, Krystil, Ellen) will give an awesome slideshow about their adventurous trip: a three week kayaking, bushwalking, hiking, mountaineering and biking trip from Vancouver to the Coast Mountains and back... This will be an awesome start of this year's slideshow season, don't miss it!! See for more info... Location: This will not be in the clubroom, but in Buchanan, room A102 (on campus; see map; this is in Block A, first floor).

  • September 27: Lillooet and Homathko Icefield Traverse.

Join Sandra and Scott for a slideshow presentation of a 19 day ski trip from the Chilcotin Plateau to the Pacific Ocean at Bute Inlet. The 200km journey took us through spectacular valleys, up high mountains and across two major icefields.Location: as usual (clubroom)

March 2006

  • March 1: Southern Faces (film) New Zealand rock climbing.

90 minutes of climbing coverage and interviews with local characters. Portrays kiwi climbing culture at its best. Picturesque.

February 2006

  • February 1: Andrew Pare: My summer working in the Yukon doing Geological Field Work, don't worry it's not all about rocks.
  • February 8: Return 2 Sender (film).

Way sick Indian Creek crack climbing including a Swiss dude sending the FA of some 5.13+R madness, slacklining between towers, offwidths, soloing, ring locks, goabbies, whippers, and the now famous "Indian Creek Beatbox".