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From Slipstream's website:

How do you treat hypothermia when help is hours away? What is the best way to create a splint for someone who has broken their leg on a hiking trip? Going into the wilderness without having these skills is like travelling without a passport. It might work out, or it might not, but you will have little control over the outcome.

Take a few days to learn some essential wilderness first aid skills and you’ll not only have your passport but travel insurance too.

This 50-hour course offers the basics to anyone who lives, works, or plays in remote areas and environments where medical attention is difficult to access. You will learn to be innovative with your resources and improvise first aid techniques through challenging practical sessions and outdoor simulations.

You will learn:

  • Pre-trip planning and contingency planning
  • Prevention and assessment of common environmental illnesses and injuries
  • How to plan and improvise evacuation of patients with limited resources

Slipstream's 50-Hour Essential Wilderness First Aid course includes:

  • 50 hours of fun, informative Wilderness First Aid training for recreationists and outdoor professionals (see The Menu for topic list)
  • Complimentary 1-year Training Warranty with free course refreshers to help keep your skills sharp
  • Slipstream's Wilderness First Aid course paperwork
  • Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines book
  • Access to Slipstream's virtual online campus to help you study before and during your course

How it works

Slipstream is offering the VOC a group deal for the 50 hour Wilderness First Aid course. This means that we get ~40% discount by purchasing 10 or more vouchers at once. The vouchers can be used for any scheduled 50 hour first aid course that Slipstream is offering, provided you tell them upon purchase of the voucher, which course you would prefer to take.


You choose your preferred course date from the ones offered by Slipstream upon paying for the course voucher. This means that everyone can take the course at a time that is convenient for them.


Course cost without first aid kit: $308.33 (including tax)

Course cost with purchase of first aid kit: $334.00 (including tax)

  • Note you will need a first aid kit. If you don't have your own, you will need to purchase a first aid kit from Slipstream. They will have it ready for you when you take the course. If you have your own, you should check the necessary supply list. Metal splints are provided in class. Oropharyngeal airways weren't needed for the February class.


Bring cash payment to the clubroom by Friday, March 4th. Breanne will be there Tuesday march 1st during gear hours (12:30-1:30) to collect your money. Otherwise, gear hours are your best bet for finding an exec there.


Breanne is organizing this. Contact her about payment or other logistics. Contact Slipstream for anything course related.


This list will be used to gauge interest. We need at least 10 people for the group voucher purchase deal. Once we have ten people, we will begin collecting payment.

Please list your name and course of choice (day and location).

  1. Kathrin (Vancouver, Feb 11-15) pd
  2. Paweł (Vancouver, Feb 11-15) pd
  3. Marcin (Vancouver, Feb 11-15) pd
  4. Breanne (North Van, May 4-8)
  5. NorikoO (Vancouver, March/May/june) pd
  6. Cameron Last name? (Vancouver, March 3rd or 4th week)
  7. Michael Lee (Vancouver, May 3-7 or 4-8)
  8. Dave Perez (Vancouver - March 22-27 (preferred), May 30-Jun 3; North Van - April 25-29, May 4-8)
  9. Victoria Alfred (Vancouver, March 27-31st)
  10. Geoffrey Martin (North Vancouver, May 4-8) pd
  11. Shane Duan (Vancouver, March 27-31)
  12. Gwyn Thomas (North Van, May 4-8)