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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park is the premier rockclimbing destination in Central Oregon and is famous worldwide as an early birth place of bolted sport climbing in North America. Climbing is on two primary volcanic rock types. The welded tuff of the main formations provides knobby and pocketed face and irregular crack climbs at all angles and all difficulties. The basalt columns of the upper and lower gorges provide steep splitter cracks and delicate bolted face climbs.

Fall and Spring are prime seasons, winter can be cold and snowy but manageable, summer is formidably hot.

Top-ropeable climbs are limited in number as most formations are more than 1/2 rope length high. However there are numerous quality bolted and traditionally protected climbs at easy grades for the beginner lead climber.


November 9th - 12th, 2007 (Remembrance Day Weekend)

Pre-Trip Meeting

Tuesday, November 6th @ 6:00 pm in the clubroom

Note: Come if

  • You are carless
  • You are a driver with space in your car
  • You need directions on how to get there
  • You have questions/need to find a partner.

Sign Up

    1. Meghan Anderson (sweet Smith, about time)
    2. Vince Johnson
    3. Derrick Lee (Monkeyface here we come!)
    4. Christian S. (I'm really excited!)
    5. Alix MacKay (don't want to miss it again this year...)
    6. Geoff Dunbrack
    7. Christian Champagne
    8. Richard So
    9. Mike B
    10. Jannu Casanova
    11. Fuller
    12. Em Beach
    13. Natalie Stafl
    14. Lenka Stafl
    15. Andrew Silversides
    16. Nick Chng
    17. Elise Acheson
    18. Madelaine Earp
    19. Peter Eugster
    20. Jade littlewood
    1. Caitlin Dorward
    2. Andrew Campbell
    3. Robin Avery
    4. Evan Morris
    5. Duncan McPhedran
    6. Kaja Sadowski
    7. Matthew Baker
    8. Bob Lai
    9. Conrad Koziol
    10. Ryan Warden
    11. Matt Harriman
    12. Eddie Rothschild
    13. Nathan Brown
    14. Emlyn Clay


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear (see below).

  • Name (X spots) [gear] {Time of Departure from Vancouver - Time of Departure from Smith Rock}

  • Nick C (4 spots) [Rope,Rack,Stove,Tent,Runners] {Leaving Van Friday MORNING 8am - Leaving Smith Monday}
  1. Elise Acheson
  2. Madelaine Earp
  3. Molly Leung
  4. Vince Johnson (Rack, Runners, 2-burner stove, fry pan, 2p tent)
  • Mike B (4) [rope,rack,stove,tent] {Leaving Van Friday Afternoon- Coming back Monday}
  1. James P
  2. Saar M
  3. Ryan W
  4. Matt F
  • Kaja Sadowski (4 spots) [Ropes,Racks,Stove,Tent] {Friday - Monday}
  1. Duncan McPhedran
  2. Christian Champagne (Oh, yes Duncan !)
  3. Jade Littlewood
  4. Miriam Stein
  • Evan Morris (4 spots) [Rope,sRack,Stove,Tent] {Friday 3pm - Monday)
  1. Bob Lai
  2. Peter Eugster
  3. Matt Harriman
  4. Andrew Silversides
  • Fuller (4 spots) [Rope, Draws, Stove, Tent] {2pm Friday - Monday morning} CALL me 604.868.6846
  1. So Richard
  2. Jannu Casanova
  3. Edward Rothschild
  4. Emily Doyle Yamaguchi
  • John Chen (3 spots) [Tent] {Time of Departure from Vancouver Friday Evening - Time of Departure from Smith Rock - Sunday Morning}
  1. Sylvia Lim

  • Breakey Bus (4 spots) {3:30am Saturday - Monday until we drop}
  1. Breakey [Rope, Draws, rack, Stove, Tent]
  2. Muffin [Rope, Draws, Stove]
  3. Meghan [Gear?, Tent]
  4. Christian [Rope, Draws]
  5. Madeleine [Gear?, Tent]

Carless People

  • People in need of a ride.
  1. Em Beach (need to leave after 3pm on friday...)
  2. Caitlin Dorward
  3. Andrew Campbell ( rack, rope, tent (3person), stove)
  4. Conrad Koziol