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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Smith Rock

Smith Rock State Park is the premier rockclimbing destination in Central Oregon and is famous worldwide as an early birth place of bolted sport climbing in North America. Climbing is on two primary volcanic rock types. The welded tuff of the main formations provides knobby and pocketed face and irregular crack climbs at all angles and all difficulties. The basalt columns of the upper and lower gorges provide steep splitter cracks and delicate bolted face climbs.

Fall and Spring are prime seasons, winter can be cold and snowy but manageable, summer is formidably hot.

Top-ropeable climbs are limited in number as most formations are more than 1/2 rope length high. However there are numerous quality bolted and traditionally protected climbs at easy grades for the beginner lead climber.


November 10th - 13th, 2011 (Evening of the 10th until Sunday night or maybe even Monday night)

Pre-Trip Meeting

7pm Wednesday November 2nd at/near the clubroom

Note: Come if

  • You are carless
  • You are a driver with space in your car
  • You need directions on how to get there
  • You have questions/need to find a partner.

Sign Up

  1. Andrew Silversides (lead in the 10s, full rack, climbing for several years now)
  2. Tobias Schuster (trad 9, sport 10, follow/toprope on easy 11, full rack)
  3. Dominik Hofer (trad 10, sport higher, full gear rack, no rope)
  4. Noriko Okamoto (no leading yet but willing to learn - seconding 5.9s, face10s, no rack, one anchor, top rope only rope)
  5. Moos van Caspel (trad 11s, sport 12s, rope + full rack)
  6. Greg Dennis (Used to lead 10s, but now I'm old and weak; have sport gear + rope; don't have rack or car)
  7. Todd Mackenzie (Trad up to mid 5.10, sport up to 5.11-, have full rack and many ropes, have a grand cherokee)
  8. Will Beattie (Trad to easy 10, sport to easy 11, have car, sport rack and rope)
  9. Michal Rozworski (trad 10, sport 11-, full rack, various ropes, potential access to a Golf hatchback)
  10. Sabrina Burkhardt (sport in the 10s, but not 100% my ankle is ready for leading yet, draws, rope, little subaru)
  11. Yvan Bodnar (Trad to easy 10s, have rack and rope, might be able to drive but not 100% sure)
  12. Jill Kennedy (sport to 5.9 top rope most 10`s)
  13. Christina Dixon (have lead a few 10s, have rope + draws and anchors)
  14. Kristen Lee (Have a rope, tent, stove, car)
  15. Astrid Boeckelmann (sport 10ish, no rope, rental car - will likely go down to Bend early next week (mo/tue), happy to take peeps who want to go early as well. can also take people back to van on sunday)


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear (see below).

  • Todd Mackenzie (4 spots) [trad and any multipitches, all season tires, need one more standard driver] {4pm Thursday from 28th and Carnarvon - 12 am Sunday Morning Departure from Smith Rock}

Do not sign up in this vehicle without asking permission first. I also won't accept passengers until at least the beginning of November.

  • Will Beattie (5 spots) [trad and any multipitches, winter tires] {~5pm Thursday from 1st and Macdonald- 12:00 Sunday Morning Departure from Smith Rock}

Do not sign up in this vehicle without asking permission first. I also won't accept passengers until at least the beginning of November.

  1. Greg Dennis

Carless People

  • Moos van Caspel
  • Dominik Hofer
  • Greg Dennis
  • Andrew Silversides
  • Tobias Schuster