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#Jade littlewood (tent happy to share in exchange for use of stove?)
#Jade littlewood (tent happy to share in exchange for use of stove?)
#Champagne (Someone needs to rescue Jeff if he gets avalanched)
#Champagne (Someone needs to rescue Jeff if he gets avalanched)
#Dan E, subject to me not working that weekend (someone needs to rescue Champagne when he breaks his snowshoes and gets avalanched on)
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#Sophia (the ride borrowing is not looking optimistic...)
#Sophia (the ride borrowing is not looking optimistic...)
#Sophia's friend
#Sophia's friend
#Dan E

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We'll show up Friday (Dec 14) evening and go by headlamp on the West Canyon Trail from the Gold Creek Campground to Alder Flats, where we'll make camp. On Saturday we'll head up the trail until the trail starts heading though avalanche terrain, at which point we'll head straight up hill and gain Panarama Ridge. We'll follow the ridge to the snow field, and make camp. Sunday we'll wake up early and head for the summits, hitting both if time permits.


December 14th - 16th

Pretrip Meeting

December 12th, 7:00pm in the clubroom

Experience Required

This trip assumes little to no experience, and is aimed at getting people out for their first summit, but you do need to be somewhat in shape. It would be really helpful if someone who can use an avalanche beacon other than Jeff came along to dig Jeff out in the unlikely event that he gets avalanched, though.

Things to bring

  • Avalanche gear (shovel, probe, beacon)
  • Snowshoes (they need to be big. The rentals MEC gives out are too small for fresh snow, and normally get used only on trails that see a lot of traffic like Cypress. If you ask them, though, they'll give you tails that provide extra flotation for free. You need these.)
  • Something to strap your snow shoes to your pack with--you'll only be wearing them half of the time
  • Headlamp with lots of batteries
  • The clothing you need to keep warm at 1700m. Ask people for advice if you're not sure.
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • A couple water bottles
  • Food
  • Ice axe
  • Boots with gaiters

Not much else, otherwise your pack will be too heavy.

We'll need about one stove for every three people. When you sign up, please indicate if you've got a stove.

Please arrange for tent space ahead of time. If you don't have a place lined up in someone's tent, you might just be sleeping in the latrine.

Sign up

  1. Jeff Mottershead (Stove)
  2. Ran(stove, tent. I m here to be avalanched so Champagne, Dan and Jeff could have some trouble / tough questions to get busy with :D)
  3. Elona
  4. Sophia (stove)
  5. Sophia's Friend
  6. Emma V-B
  7. Elena Escudero
  8. Santi
  9. Anne (no stove, no tent; but will be happy to carry it if people are up for sharing :D)
  10. Julia Tuodr
  11. Allison Boothe (possibly stove? also willing to help carry!)
  12. Samantha Landa (will bring love and food?)
  13. Tegan Adams
  14. MadeleineM-P(tent and stove happy to share in xchange for food?)
  15. Michael Kaye
  16. Jade littlewood (tent happy to share in exchange for use of stove?)
  17. Champagne (Someone needs to rescue Jeff if he gets avalanched)


If you can drive, please mark down your vehicle with the number of available seats, in the following manner:

  • Your name

If you are signing up for someone's vehicle, only put your name beside empty numbers. If there are no empty numbers, it means the vehicle is already full. Adding another spot doesn't actually add a seat in the vehicle. Don't give up, though. Most people with cars sign up at the last minute to keep things exciting.

  • Jeff's Stinky Van
  1. Ran
  2. Elona
  3. Emma V-B
  4. Anne
  5. Champagne
  6. Julia Tudor

People needing rides

  1. Elena E (if there is space)?
  2. Santi (probably same as Sophia)
  3. Michael Kaye (room for one more?)
  4. Anne (Point Grey)
  5. Jade Littlewood (i have four season tent but no stove)
  6. Allison
  7. Sam Landa
  8. Tegan
  9. Madeleine
  10. Sophia (the ride borrowing is not looking optimistic...)
  11. Sophia's friend