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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Son of Rock

Son of Rock is the traditional spring/summer instructional climbing trip. The rock is finally dry, the snow sucks, and the days are long. The plan is to have several stations set up in the vicinity of the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish. There will be at least one instructor at each station. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. Tentatively there will be 4 skill levels: absolute beginner, anchor placement, sport lead climbing, and trad climbing. Group size will be determined by instructor availability.

Trip organizer: Ignacio


  • May 29th - 30th, 2010


NEW location: Meet on Saturday in the Murrin park parking lot at 8:00 am.

Pre Trip Meeting

Pre trip meeting CHANGED. NEW date: Thursday May 27, 6pm Wolf and Hound pub.

Ideally everybody will have organized rides before the meeting, and secured gear for the trip.

Sign up for Saturday instructors and students

Please indicate if you are an instructor and what you would be willing to teach, the climbing gear that you have, and if you can drive. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR EXPERIENCE LEVEL,

Intro to Rock climbing

For those of you who have never climbed before and want to learn the basics

  • Instructors
  1. TBA
  2. Ryan M
  • Students
  1. Diana Lim
  2. Alireza
  3. Lisa R- have climbed only a few times (both outdoors and indoors), SAT only, might have car, will have shoes/harness?
  4. Kelvin Po- newbie, would like to go for just Sat
  5. Michael Uhlmann
  6. Ashley Smith - staying overnight and might have a car
  7. Maggie
  • Waitlist
  1. Gillian Wladichuk
  2. Sara Parke
  3. Ben Adam - brings enthusiasm from some suicidal freeclimbing at squamish, no gear, no car, prefers just sat

Top rope anchors

For those who want to move from gym climbing to outdoor climbing and don't know how to make safe anchors for top-roping. Please bring all the climbing equipment that you own. Helmets are MANDATORY as is something to anchor yourself such as [1] or just a sling will do but it may be less comfortable. We will be covering all different types of anchor setup. Please indicate if you would like to spend some time climbing or focus more on setting up different anchors with different equipment)

  • Instructors
  1. Ben S-P (Can only go for Saturday)(Looking for a ride, willing to ride my bike)
  2. Adam P
  3. Ignacio
  4. TBA
  • Students
  1. Kathrin L. (looking for a carpool to join, Saturday only!)
  2. Caitlin S. (can only go out on sunday)
  3. Nina V.
  4. Ayoe (went to longhike and skaha last fall, still pretty much beginner)
  5. Eva R.: I would need a ride too..and probably go just for one day
  6. Luke Kysow
  7. Sylvia L. (looking for a ride there, preferably leaving late morning, looking just to climb on Saturday)
  8. Andrew Maurer: some indoor climbing with grigri, want to learn to use manual devices
  9. Amanda W.
  10. Phil: could use a refresher
  11. Vicky: dropping Phil means I get to run away with his bikes, also, I have a car.
  12. Daisy: have a car, would like to just go for 1 day
  13. Jennifer Y: Would like to learn about anchors.
  14. Andrea: could use a refresher on anchors, looking for a ride.
  15. Colin F.
  • Waitlist

Intro to lead climbing (sport)

For those interested in learning how to lead.

  • Instructors
  1. Todd M
  2. Ryan G
  • Students
  1. Christina Dixon - have my own gear (rope,draws,anchor material) and a teensy bit of leading experience, also could use a refresher on anchor making
  2. Kristen Lee
  3. Stephanie Rich- Rope, car
  • Waitlist
  1. Brandon W

Intro to trad climbing

For those interested in learning how to properly place trad gear (and climb while you're at it).

  • Instructors
  1. Craig Alfredson
  • Students
  1. Lisa P
  2. Jul R
  3. Chantelle C
  4. Leonard L

Sign up for Sunday

Sign up if you would like to stay in Squamish and climb on Sunday so that people other people can know who is staying and plan for the sweet party at the camp ground.

  1. Ryan M - 3 person tent
  2. Luke Kysow - No tent
  3. Phil - 2 person tent
  4. Vicky - filling Phil's tent, but can bring Phil's other tent if needed

Car Sign up

Drivers please indicate how many spots you have and where you will be leaving from and passengers you are responsible for contacting your driver.

  • Ryan M - 4 seats available
  1. Ryan
  2. Luke Kysow
  3. Julian R.
  4. Lisa P.

  • Kristen Lee - 4 seats available (Leaving from W 41st Ave and only staying for Saturday)
  1. Christina Dixon
  2. Trish Blinn
  3. Kelvin Po
  4. Ayoe
  • Ryan Goldsbury - 4 seats available (Leaving from 4513 W 13th Ave and staying for Saturday and Sunday)
  1. Todd Mackenzie
  2. Alireza

  • Stephanie Rich - 4 seats available (Leaving from UBC)
  1. Chantelle C.
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster
  3. Jennifer
  4. Andrea
  • Vicky Alfred - 2 seats available as long as people pack light (Leaving from Cambie Village, coming back Sunday)
  1. Phil

  • Daisy Wang - Seeing there are more people wanting to go for just Sat and single-day cars have filled up - 3 seats available (comfortably) - Leaving from Richmond so I can pick up anywhere along Granville/Burrard/DT/etc...
  1. Diana Lim
  2. Sylvia Lim
  3. Cam Alexander
  • Colin F - Saturday. leaving from W 49th - 4 seats
  1. Kathrin
  2. Michael Uhlmann
  3. Ignacio
  4. Amanda W.

  • Ashley S - Saturday. Commercial - 4 seats

Carless people

  1. Andrew Maurer
  2. Diana Lim
  3. Kathrin L.
  4. Sara Parke
  5. Eva Rivinius
  6. Caitlin (looking for ride out sunday)
  7. Ben Adam - Prefers staying just sat