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# Conrad Koziol 1 or 2
# Conrad Koziol 1 or 2
# Knut Kitching (will teach any level, have full rack/ropes)
# Knut Kitching (will teach any level, have full rack/ropes)
# Spencer Rasmussen 1

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Son of Rock

Son of Rock is the traditional spring/summer instructional climbing trip. The rock is finally dry, the snow sucks, and the days are long. The plan is to have several stations set up in the vicinity of the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish. There will be at least one instructor at each station. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. Tentatively there will be 4 skill levels: absolute beginner, anchor placement, sport lead climbing, and trad climbing. Group size will be determined by instructor availability.

Trip organizer: Todd Mackenzie


location: Meet on Saturday in the Smoke Bluffs parking lot at 9:00 am. Meeting again at 6pm at the end of the day at the same location.

Instructor List

Please sign up and list which categories you can teach. We will need at least a dozen instructors to make this happen.

  1. Todd Mackenzie (teaching trad and has full rack)
  2. Veronika Schmitt (potential assistant trad teacher)
  3. Will Beattie (teach up to #3)
  4. Jon Leighton (teach any level)
  5. Moos Van Caspel (teach 3 or 4)
  6. Jeff Taylor (can teach up to #3)
  7. Phil Tomlinson (up to 2)
  8. Erica Lay (any level, prefer 4,have full rack)
  9. Katherine Valentine (up to 3)
  10. Sabrina Burkhardt (up to 3)
  11. Skyler Des Roches (teach 3 or 4, prefer 3 - see message board thread - have rack. Will not let random people practice taking falls on my rope)
  12. Scott MacPherson (would like to teach 1 or 2)
  13. Isabel Verse (assistants for level 1/2 needed?)
  14. Philip Daoust (1,2,3 have trad gear)..we are throwing around the idea of a self rescue workshop
  15. Conrad Koziol 1 or 2
  16. Knut Kitching (will teach any level, have full rack/ropes)
  17. Spencer Rasmussen 1