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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Date: Saturday, January 20, 2006. Basically, this is an informal day of telemark skiing instruction at Seymour mountain. We have some great instructors who have many years of experience. The only cost to the Students is gas and a portion of the instructor's lift ticket. If we get more than 8 students, we get a group discount (day ticket ~35 with tax). The day will be spent in-bounds and during day light hours, thus technical gear beyond your skis, poles and boots is not required. Something will be planned after the lessons to help ease learning pains. I am thinking either a hot tub, beer or both.


Matthew Breakey [email protected]


The cost will be your lift ticket and a portion of your instructors ticket; also gas money if you are getting a ride (should be really small). We will be getting 5 ticket vouchers that are $25 per ticket with a valid student ID or $31 dollars without; so please bring your student ID . It is really hard to pin down the price because it varies with the number of students, but a reasonable estimate of total cost will be between $35 to $40 per student (includes instructor, ticket, gas and tax).

Equipment List

  • telemark skis
  • plastic boots (plastic really helps)
  • poles
  • goggles/glasses
  • winter wear (warm jacket & pants, gloves, hat)
  • lunch or you can buy

Dry School

There will be a dry school on Jan. 17 in the club room @ 6pm to coordinate rides and gear. There will be a gear master and instructors to help you select gear if needed.

Learning Material

This stuff is especially good for instructors.


In Print

  • Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips Book
  • Free heel skiing by Paul Parker (available in the VOC Clubroom Library)


  • Instructor Sign-up

We will try and maintain a student to instructor ration of 4:1 (minimize cost to students while keeping small group sizes). Instructors will be selected as student numbers require in order of sign-up. I might not teach depending on demand.

  1. Matthew Breakey
  2. Jordan Chittley
  3. Sandra Nicol
  4. Scott Nelson (I don't qualify for the student discount, so I'm more $$ than other instructors)

  • Student Sign-up
  1. Stephanie Mayronne
  2. Mike Danilov
  3. Will Whitty
  4. Piotr Forysinski
  5. Robin Attas (have teleskiied in the past, but am rather rusty and would like more tips!)
  6. Line Christiansen
  7. April Hall
  8. Christian Veenstra (I do alright on groomed runs. Can be switched to instructor of absolute beginners if necessary to make the numbers work)
  9. Marcus Rohrbach
  10. Gili Rosenberg (Sunday School)
  11. Maya Goldstein (Sunday School)
  12. Birgitte Kristensen (Sunday would also be good for me. Have never done telemark and only a little skiing ever so a beginner! Have to borrow skis, boots and poles from someone).
  13. Scott Webster
  14. Stephen Mullen
  15. Matthew Baker (I'd like to say I'm an Intermediate skier. I would appreciate any tips myself but like Christian could also teach beginners if necessary.)
  16. Marcin Mirski
  17. Pawel Mirski
  18. Matthew Carroll (can't make dry school)
  19. Oliver MacLean


  1. Mike Danilov
  2. Will Whitty
  3. Piotr Forysinski (but can move to another car if one from UBC appears...)
  1. Passenger #1
  2. Passenger #2
  3. Passenger #3
  • Stephen Mullen [smcruisin at hotmail dot com, 11th & burrard (basically anywhere between UBC & 2nd Narrows), 2 passengers]
  1. Robin Attas
  2. matt baker
  • Scott's CarTM [19th and Oak, though Christian lives near Dunbar, 3 total, car unreliable, got into an accident after last year's tele school, contains 2 Broken Board winners]
  1. Scott Webster
  2. Christian Veenstra
  3. Alice Leppitttttttttt
  • Jordan Chittley [778-846-9363, [email protected], leaving from 18th and Dunbar, 3 passengers, 4 is possible but it is a really tight squeeze.
  1. Marcus Rohrbach
  2. Matthew Carroll
  3. Oliver MacLean
  1. Maya Goldstein
  2. Matthew Breakey
  3. Bob Lai
  4. Natalie Stafl
  • Marcin Mirski [Leaving from Coquitlam (Lougheed Mall area). Can pick up anywhere along the #1, as well as from Rupert station for people in Vancouver. Heading to Cypress to rent skis at 0800 first.]
  1. Paweł Mirski
  2. Passenger #2
  3. Passenger #3

It is also possible to take a bus.

How to get there

Driving Instructions to Seymour

Coming Across Lions Gate on HWY #1

  1. Take the Fern St exit 22 to Capilan College/Mt. Seymour Park/Deep Cove 0.3km
  2. Turn left at Fern St 0.4km
  3. Turn right at Mr. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  4. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

Coming Across Second Narrows on HWY #1

  1. Merge onto Fern St/ Capilan College via exit 22 to Mt. Seymour Pkwy 0.4km
  2. Turn right at Mt. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  3. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

We are meeting in the south part of the Cafeteria at 8:30am.