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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Tele School


January 26th, 2008


Seymour Resort (Weather Permitting)

Meet at 9:00am in the Day lodge.

Please bring cash to pay for the tickets. The cheapest way is to buy booklets and divide the cost between your instructor groups. Cost for a 5 ticket booklet is ~$45 for each student including the instructor's ticket and taxes.

Dry School

There will be a dry school on Tuesday, 22 Jan., at 5:30pm in the Clubroom to coordinate rides and gear. There will be a gear master and instructors to help you select gear if needed.

Learning Material

See Tele School#Learning Material


Instructor Sign-up

We will try and maintain a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 (minimize cost to students while keeping small group sizes). Instructors will be selected as student numbers require in order of sign-up. Instructors: please indicate an appropriate skier ability for your group.

  1. Matthew Baker (beginner: tele stance, how to initiate a tele turn, top secret tele tips)
  2. Craig Alfredson (can teach how to tele backwards - sort of)
  3. Melissa Hogg (advanced group)
  4. Christian Veenstra (beginner to moderate)
  5. Richard So (can teach beginners)
  6. Tim Blair (advanced group)
  7. Sandra

Students: Beginner +

  1. Sophia Moulton
  2. Tracy Wilkinson
  3. Em Beach
  4. Joshua Zukewich

Students: Intermediate +

Taught by Tim and Melissa

  1. Matthew Carroll
  2. Scott Webster
  3. Line Christiansen
  4. Steve Mullen
  5. Nick Chng

Wait List

(You may have been put on this list if you did not attend dryschool or haven't contacted Matthew Baker)

  1. Em V-B
  2. Alex Khramov
  3. Josh Zukewich
  4. Will Whitty
  5. Alix MacKay
  6. Karolina Hanula
  7. Paulina Biernacki
  8. Shauna Connaughton
  9. Jacob Cramm
  10. Michael Kaye
  11. Pierre Tallon


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

Driver's Name [Leaving from,# of passengers]

Melissa Hogg Klaus the Rocket is fixed! (leaving from East Van, 3 spots, call if you want a ride (604.202.9414))

  1. Emily Beach? I got your message but your number was garbled. Call me in the morning if you still need a ride.

Santi Ramon Sorry, I cannot make it this weekend. So, no rides.

Mahdi Eynian - 808-5476 [Leaving from UBC, only 1 passenger due to "Novice" driving license, can get 2 more if one passenger has a license and is +25years old]

ICBC says if you have a novice licence, then to carry more than one passenger your supervisor needs to be "25 years or older with a valid Class 1 - 5 driver's licence" [1] - presumably that means class 1-5 B.C. licence and Anne would not be sufficient. Scott still has space so you could get him to take one of your passengers, then you only have one, unless Maggie is 25+ and has a BC licence. --Matthew 00:15, 23 January 2008 (PST)

Thanks Matthew, but I already have called ICBC about this and they have told me that Any Valid Drivers' license (one which is suitable for driving a car) works for this. In case if the license is not in English or French, there should be an official translation of the license.

I have a french driving licence (from France) and an american too (from california) and I am over 25 so we should be good :) Anne

  1. Anne Vialettes (14th and Trimble)
  2. Hillary Ward (16th and Trutch)

Seth Adams [4th + Trafalgar, 3 passengers. I'm not doing tele school, I'm taking an avalanche course that starts at 8. So I have to be there an hour before you do, and I can't be late so if you are running late I'll leave you behind. You also need to either come to me or be easy to pickup.]

Tracy Wilkinson

Scott Webster FULL [19th + Oak, 3 passengers, car doors will probably freeze shut]

  1. Steve Mullen (11th & Burrard -- have bike, will travel)
  2. Matthew Baker (2970 Turner, E Van. near PNE)
  3. Sandra Nicol

Eric Escobar [leaving Nelson and Jervis at 7:45am, can pick up at burrard station 7:50am, 3 spots] cell 778-3190644

  1. Joanna Kolakowska (nelson @ bute)
  2. Maggie Lam (3rd and Victoria)can pick me up at downtown if needed

Carless People

For people that don't have a car. Note: Shuttle buses are available for the carless leaving from Parkgate Village Shopping Centre The first shuttle is at 8:30am.

  • Name, leaving location
  1. Michael Kaye (West King Edward and Arbutus)
  2. Pierre Tallon (UBC)
  3. Tyson Brooks
  4. Em Beach (Downtown)