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(Intermediate (Know how to do a telemark turn, and can link them on low angle runs))
(Intermediate (Know how to do a telemark turn, and can link them on low angle runs))
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# Len Goff '''pd'''
# Len Goff '''pd'''
# Greta Raymant '''pd'''
# Greta Raymant '''pd'''
*Steve Mullen

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Tele School

Laura Morrison - Trip Organizer


January 15th, 2011 @ 9 am We're meeting at Mount Seymour at Guest Services (the upper parking lot).


Mt Seymour
The advanced class may move to another location.


Please Note: You must pay in advance at the following times:

Monday, January 10, 11:30 am to 1 pm
Tuesday, January 11, 12:30 to 1:30 pm
Wednesday, January 12, 5:30 to 6:30 pm

  • Free for instructors
  • $35 for Students

You will pay your driver for gas, or $6 for the shuttle bus if you don't have a ride. You may have to rent skis, boots, poles.


You will need functional telemark skis, ski poles, and ski boots. Gear is available to rent from the club room, or from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

  • Call MEC well in advance to reserve gear.

Dry School


Learning Material

See Tele School#Learning Material

Instructor Sign-up

We will try and maintain a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 (minimize cost to students while keeping small group sizes). Instructors will be selected as student numbers require in order of sign-up. Instructors: please indicate an appropriate skier ability for your group.

  1. Ran Z. (Beginner Plus)
  2. Christopher (Beginner+)
  3. Erica L. (Beginner+)
  4. Fabienne M. (Beginner+)
  5. Nick C. (Beginner+, and only if you're short of instructors)
  6. Greg W. (Any level, 90% sure I can be there)
  7. Skyler (Beginner + if it's not on the same day as Advanced)
  8. Laura C [Dead beginners (could be comical) or learning to tele'ers (could be fun!)]
  9. Nick M (Beginner)
  10. Kjell (Advanced/expert) At this level I'm fine with teaching a larger group
  11. Veenstra (Beginner-intermediate) Have to clear resort by 4pm, but usually that's not a problem...
  12. Roland Burton I can patiently teach survival skiing to total beginners but I can't teach tele. Is that any use to you?
  13. Steve Mullen (advanced, though a combined int./adv. group would also be fun)
  14. Breanne J. (Beginner+ or Beginner)
  15. Evan Morris (Beginner+)
  16. Emily Ackroyd (beginner+, or intermediate if needed)

Students Sign-up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 15-1-2011. Please do not sign up for it.

4 students per class, if there are no more spots please sign up as Extra and I'll try to fit you in. The last day to sign up is Wednesday, January 12 unless you email and ask me.

Beginner (Have never skied - or almost never)

  • Skyler
  1. shuval haramati (did teleskis once this year, know only "pizza style") pd
  2. Lesley Winterhalt pd
  3. Angela Willock (I am 100% noob) pd
  4. Beth Curry ( skied once or twice long ago) pd
  5. Jeff Taylor pd
  6. Sam Schwartz
  • Nick M.
  1. Knut Kitching pd
  2. Mel Tan (can snowplow, need work on making those tele turns and linking) pd
  3. Hillary Topps (re-learning to ski on teleskis) pd
  4. Natasha Tymo pd
  5. Stephanie Grothe (have learned snow plow and parallel turns once, but that was some years ago) pd
  • Extras
  1. Roland (paid for himself)

Beginner (Know how to do snowplow AND parallel turns on downhill skis, but never telemarked)

  • Ran Zhang
  1. Caroline Jung pd
  2. Jean-Simon Michaud pd
  3. Rebecca Beaton pd
  4. Julien Renard pd
  • Christopher
  1. Alexane St-Amant pd
  2. Kate English pd
  3. Angela Phung pd
  4. Fisal Elstone pd
  • Erica L.
  1. Clemens Adolphs pd
  2. Stephen Lerch pd
  3. Sherri Tran pd
  • Fabienne M.
  1. Olga L. pd
  2. Faroe Des Roches pd
  3. Chantelle Chan pd
  • Breanne J.
  1. Emily Piekenbrock pd
  2. Karioka Mirski pd
  3. Bethan McKevitt pd
  4. Jonathan Desautels pd


  1. Filip Karlsson

Intermediate (Know how to do a telemark turn, and can link them on low angle runs)

  • Greg W.
  1. Douglas Schoch pd
  2. Conrad Koziol pd
  3. Martin Matej pd
  4. Dave Perez (will pay during gear hours on Friday)
  5. Doris Leong pd
  • Emily Ackroyd
  1. Michael Uhlmann pd
  2. Emily Payne pd
  3. Caitlin pd
  4. Bieke Gils pd
  • Kjell
  1. Alexander Westbye pd
  2. Cara McCulloch pd
  3. Aron Zahradka pd
  4. Len Goff pd
  5. Greta Raymant pd
  • Steve Mullen


  1. Spencer Rasmussen
  2. Kevin Cooper

Advanced (You're comfortable on steeper ('black') runs, and want to work on condition specific techniques (moguls, powder, etc))

  • Kjell and/or Steve Mullen
  1. Alexander B. Westbye
  2. Skyler (if I'm not teaching Beginners on the same day)
  3. Nick M (if I'm not teaching Beginners on the same day)



Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.
Passengers, don't just sign up. Contact your driver and ask to be a passenger, discuss departure time and place. Drivers going to Seymour typically charge their passengers $5 (round trip), but that depends on the driver.

Driver's Name [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]

  1. Dave Perez (SPACE OPENED UP - I have room for 2 more [email protected]; near UBC)
  2. Douglas Schoch (leaving from UBC, car is full)
  3. Greg West (90% sure I can go, car is full)
  4. Nick Matwyuk (East Richmond, 5 seatbelts total, Jeep is full)
  5. Karioka Mirski (Coquitlam, 5 passengers, can meet at Rupert station; [email protected])
  6. Christopher Yearwood (Leaving Heather & 22nd, 5 passengers total, car is now full)
  7. Roland Burton car is now full.
  8. Mel Tan (Coquitlam and in between to Gilmore Station before taking Route 1, can take 3 additional passengers with our skis)
  9. Olga L (commercial drive area, room for 3 people but it's a small car! [email protected])
  10. Kjell Kits/UBC, 2 seats still available, [email protected]
  11. shuvi haramati - leaving from oak/garnville and 71st, have 4 spots, [email protected] or 778-235-1620)
  12. Emily Ackroyd- leaving from UBC (near fairview), 3 spots available, [email protected]

Carless People

  1. Kevin Cooper - need rides from ~14th and Main
  2. Julien Renard - needs a ride from UBC Campus.
  3. Alexane St-Amant - from UBC
  4. Michael Uhlmann - from Dunbar and 33rd
  5. Clemens Adolphs & Stephanie Grothe - from Yew and 7th in Kits
  6. Nicole Ong - from UBC
  7. Gaby Espino - from UBC
  8. Faroe Des Roches - from Main and 18th
  9. Jeff Taylor - from UBC
  10. Filip Karlsson - from UBC
  11. Emily Piekenbrock-from UBC or around 6th and Alma
  12. Caroline Pollock- 10th and blanca/UBC
  13. Lesley Winterhalt - King Edward and Dunbar
  14. Erica Lay - King Edward and Dunbar, UBC, or a transit station
  15. Knut Kitching - from UBC, happy to bus anywhere to catch a ride though
  16. Angela Willock - live @ UBC, but willing to bus somewhere to catch a ride
  17. Spencer Rasmussen - SW Marine at Kullahun
  18. Greta Raymant - 7th and Alma
  19. Breanne J - from UBC

Transit Options

Public Transit can take you to Parkgate Village and the Mt Seymour Shuttle Bus can get you to the top