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  • Wednesday Feb 2th Slideshow James will attempt to convince us that the best place for easily accessible mountaineering* is somewhere in Peru (clubroom, 7pm). *(over 6000m)
  • Tuesday Feb 8th 7:30 - 9:30 pm Kayak Polo. All are welcome
  • Wednesday Feb 9th Slideshow Veenstra will show us what people do at Sphinx camp on Reading Break(clubroom, 7pm).
  • Feb 12-20 Reading break. Generally time for skiing, or perhaps a road trip somewhere warm for climbing.
  • Wednesday Feb 23th Slideshow Adrien T. on climbing 5500+ meter volcanoes on the quick and on a budget (clubroom, 7pm).
  • Feb 26-27 Intermediate Friendly Rainbow Mountain Ski Trip 2011_RainbowMtn: Note switched to Coliseum Day Trip