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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Exams are knocking on our doors and we are all getting ready for the end spurt before going home during Christmas break. Let's meet up one more time to share our excitement for snow, talk about the best trips, make future plans or chit chat about life. DJ Oker will bring his tunes and make us dance all night in good old VOC style. This is a great opportunity to meet other VOCers.

It is free for VOCers and beer will be 3.50 a pint or 14 a jug.


The event is November 29th, 2010 at 7 pm in the Gallery Lounge (SUB)

Equipment List

  • A delicious dish for the Potluck
  • Your own plate/spork/spoon
  • Dress up in formal or ugly sweater or combine both themes
  • Dancing shoes (read - your potential dance partner might not like your skiing boots on his/her toes)

Sign Up

Nominal capacity is 100. Please sign up if you are planning on coming so we have a general idea on how many awesome VOCers are going to rock this place. Since this is not a dry event, you have to be 19 to enter the bar!


We need some people as doormen and to sell songbooks and journals. This is a workhike and only takes 1h in a fully heated room.

  1. 7pm - 8pm Cheyenne
  2. 8pm - 9pm Chantelle Chan
  3. 9pm - 10pm Mariya Skvortsova
  4. 10pm - 11pm Shane Duan
  5. 11pm - 12pm
  6. 12pm - 1am (if we are still partying)

Winter social

  1. Lisa
  2. Jul
  3. Champagne
  4. Vicky
  5. Conrad
  6. Mike Duncan
  7. Mel Tan (Dish: pasta with goat cheese, tomatoes, walnuts and arugula)
  8. Anne
  9. Laura Morrison
  10. Katherine
  11. Roland Burton (Dish:Store-bought cake. Only there for a short time)
  12. Marcin
  13. Caitlin
  14. Evan
  15. Greta
  16. Skyler
  17. Piotr
  18. Erik F (19h45)
  19. Gili
  20. Maya
  21. Line V
  22. NorikoO
  23. Phil
  24. Christopher Y
  25. Todd M
  26. Emily A (Dish: Fruit Salad)
  27. Tony Melnick
  28. Kathrin
  29. Shuvi
  30. Andy
  31. Phoebe Wong
  32. Josh Ring
  33. Tessa Terbasket
  34. Sophie Tran
  35. Scott W
  36. Alexane
  37. Veenstra
  38. Gwyn
  39. Em Beach
  40. Chantelle Chan
  41. Dan
  42. Krystil
  43. Derry
  44. James the Bald
  45. Mohammad M
  46. Anna Tch
  47. Linda S
  48. Clemens A and
  49. Stephanie G (dish: yummy cake)
  50. Muffin
  51. Aisling
  52. Mariya Skvortsova
  53. Fabienne
  54. Dr.BramvS Phd, MoC, MF, SOB
  55. Steph Schmitt
  56. Cora Skaien
  57. Kristen
  58. RichSo
  59. Rebecca A
  60. Doug Curley
  61. Trish Blinn
  62. Loise
  63. Eliza
  64. Doris
  65. Lea
  66. Michael U
  67. Shane Duan
  68. Tom Curran (dish = butterscotch brownie)
  69. Jonathan P
  70. Nastassia
  71. Colin
  72. Kristin