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We need to check VOCJ53 before Kathrin submits it to the publishers. This is our last chance to make corrections - we receive a proof back from Hemlock, but that is for us to check for their errors not ours. This must be done in 1 day - Thursday - as Kathrin must make corrections Thursday night before submission on Friday.

What to check for, how to do it

In principle all the editing is done. We are not checking for grammar/spelling - we are checking for typesetting errors (of course, if you find large grammar errors you can still report them). Replace the "volunteer needed" with your name, do it, and then put any discrepancies down here on the wiki. Ideally each task would get done twice by two people... Write both the page number(s) and the error.

Sections/things which need checking (and volunteers to do it)



  • White lines above and below photo aren't in the right spot. Should possibly be wider and placed under photo to ensure there's no gap? Also there's a gap going over to the spine, for the lines only.
  • Inside cover photo credit - are you sure it's "Longs" peak, with an "s"? That mountain is in Colorado - I think it might be Long Peak, near Lizzie Lake...
  • I think there should be a comma between "University of British Columbia" and "Vancouver" for added clarity (page 1 of pdf)
  • minor: Production Management should be without capital in M to be consistent (page 2)
  • minor: list of copy editors should end with "and Anne Vialettes", i.e. comma -> "and" (page 2)
  • There are no captions for the two photos on page 6. The top photo is mine (Gili) so the caption should be:

"Julian Ritter trying to call the girls using his ice axe as an extension to his cellphone antenna (it didn't work) photo Gili Rosenberg" The other one might need to be supplied by Breanne, if Kathrin does not have it

Check page numbers

Veenstra did it

  • pdf pages 296-300 have no header, but should as they are just text. The rest is all in order.

Check table of contents

Veenstra and Ignacio did it

  • Does title/author match for each article in TOC and on the article itself
  • Is the page reference correct
  • Is the article in the right section (don't nitpick - just looking for mistakes, not choices you don't agree with)


There's a few typos on the article titles, I'll point them out as since they are high visibility I think they are worth correcting.

    • Losing my virginity to VOC should be to "the VOC", although it might imply group sex instead of just with mr. VOC. The title should also be fixed in the corresponding page.
    • Mt Hood should be Mt. Hood (appears in TOC and article on pdf p41)
    • Searching ForcEearly turns (appears in TOC only)
    • Cycling the pacific coast is missing CA (TOC only)
    • Mt Blanc should be Mt. Blanc in both articles (TOC and pdf p196+200)
    • Frenchitlan should have all words capitalized (TOC only)
    • 12 Month in the VOC should be "12 Months" (TOC and pdf p284)

-Ignacio + page numbers by Veenstra

  • VOC Exec are actually on print p4, not 5
  • Do the photos on pdf p6 really not have a caption? Looks pretty lame without one...<\del>
  • <del>Needle Peak Traverse appears as title on pdf p47, but Needle Traverse in TOC
  • Mt. Cook missing space between Mt. and Cook (TOC only)
  • Mt. Hood is on print p49, not 42
  • "of" misspelt in title, pdf p93 only
  • Skiing on Telemagique has dramatically different titles in TOC and on pdf p129
  • same for Waddington Range in TOC and pdf p145 (also "completely" needs to be removed from the alternate title. We were not completely self-supported by any standard... I took this out when editing, but it seems to have clawed its way back in).
  • Larch Lurch has different titles in TOC and of pdf p241
  • Brew Hut Recce missing brackets on date in sub-title, pdf p266
  • Lizzie Creek missing brackets on date in sub-title, pdf p269
  • Glacier School title different in TOC and pdf p275, and missing brackets on date in sub-title
  • G2 missing bracket on date in sub-title on pdf p277 (I guess you switched preference halfway through?)
  • Ice climbing also missing brackets on date on pdf p281
  • alternate titles sometimes appear in brackets, sometimes smallcaps, and sometimes neither, occasionally appearing in the TOC but not always. Uniformity might be nice...

-> Let's say alternate titles NOT in brackets and font 14
-> Will only put main title on TOC, whatever is in smaller fonts is alternate (Ignacio's opinion while messing things up)

    • Mt. James Turner has a much longer title on pdf p77 than TOC, but no smallcaps or brackets on this assumed alternate title
    • Gili's Clawing on thin ice (pdf p97) has alternate title included in TOC, no smallcaps on article title
    • Maki's Red Heather (pdf p116) smallcaps in brackets, article title only
    • Sophia's Beer (pdf p120) smallcaps in brackets, article title only
    • Nick's Waddington (pdf p137) smallcaps no brackets, article title only
    • Ran's Numb (pdf p168) no smallcaps or brackets, article title only
    • Veenstra's Why (pdf p237) no smallcaps or brackets, article title only
  • Dashes appear in titles as delimiters, but sometimes colons. Maybe part of the alternate title trouble? Dashes also used to mark author. If you care, the following articles should be changed in both article and TOC:
    • print p27 My Intro to the VOC: Powder Mountain Traverse
    • print p75 Mt. Skihist: Bushwacking 101
    • print p169 My First Time: River Kayaking
    • print p261 Lizzie Creek: VOC vs Slide Alder

-Christian (done)

Check the following sections

  • Does the text make sense? The text may be in the wrong order, especially across pages.
  • Do photo captions make sense? The wrong caption may be put with the wrong photo.

- At least two of the photos are repeated, dinosaur and hairy Ran. It probably isn't worth changing it though. In general I didn't notice anything wrong with the captions. -Ignacio that's ok
-The two first pictures are missing captions, they only have the name of the photographer. -Ignacio
-Some photos have the title in bold letters and most don't. It's not a big deal, but it would be best to have it all the same. -Ignacio
-The crew all ready to slog, in the waddington article is missing atribution. So is the map, and the fonts and arrows in there look pretty bad. -Ignacio
-Figures 1 and 2 in Caitlin's article (pg 167) are missing attribution. Picture 3 as well. -Ignacio
-Photo page 190 is missing attribution. -Ignacio
-The Larch Lurch photos have no text or attribution (probably didn't come with any) Anyone we could ask about it? -Ignacio I have it just forgot to put it in
-Picture in Imagination (247) have no text or attribution (but it looks good though, maybe at the end of the article we could put that info) -Ignacio
I think they were taken with Rolands camera but but different people'

  • Are photos/illustrations matched with the correct article? (except colour photos, which are all printed in the same place to save money)

President's Message, VOC Exec, and Photo Contest

volunteer needed - Gili is working on this now

  • Hairy Ran photo on pg 13 and 120 should be credited to Eva - Phil
  • Todd is missing the second half of last name, should be MacKenzie (page 14)
  • "Landescape" should be "Landscape" and move photo credit to next line (right now it is split) (page 18, top)

*Photo credit name ends with a period, should be removed (page 18, bottom)

  • Caption: "New Year" should be "New Year's" (page 21, bottom)


  • pdf p18 should presumably be colour not B+W?wiiner picks were b&w

Hiking and Scrambling


  • super minor edit, but p 20 photo caption should have a period after the caption description and before the photo credit...

But the rest is all good. Done.

Climbing & Mountaineering


  • page 54: photo caption should be 'one' year later, not 'ine' year later, and 'made' not 'mde'
  • page 62: photo is of Mike Duncan, and photo credit is also Mike Duncan? I'm guessing someone else (i.e. Geoff) took this photo?
  • p83 Caption for 'summit push' should mention Mt Garibaldi 'Last section of the ascent toward the summit of Mt Garibaldi' (in Winter and Ski Mountaineering)
  • p118 Photo caption: Derry, Skyler, Merick and Charlie on the summit of Perigrine Peak (in Winter and Ski Mountaineering)
  • p120 Photo credit Eva Kaltenbacher (in Winter and Ski Mountaineering)
  • p130 Photo credit Len Goff (in Winter and Ski Mountaineering)


Skiing and Winter Mountaineering


  • hyphenation problem in title on p121
  • title does not match TOC entry on p121
  • No credit on photo on pdf p123
  • No caption on pdf p127 (maybe intentional?)
  • No caption pdf p130


Land & Water

volunteer needed

  • Waddington map got terribly pixelated, I've emailed about this problem...
  • p136 Charlie Bear - replace with Charlie Beard
  • p173 Photo credit - Annie Lagueux
  • p173 caption should read 'Recovering the lost boat'
  • p180 Pls centre quote at start of article

Travels Abroad

volunteer needed

  • picture on p200 has colours inverted
  • picture on p202 has colours inverted

What do you mean by that. They look ok to me (did NOT review whole section) (also look ok to Veenstra in both Adobe Reader 9.4.2 and Preview 4.2 Mac OSX 10.5.8)

Club Life & Reflections

volunteer needed (proofread once up to start of page 276 by Murray)

  • Bearhang illustration got terribly pixelated. Emailed.
  • p.237 first word should be "float", no "loat"
  • p.249 no spaces between words on first line
  • p.250 new paragraphs are not indented
  • p.251 The first sentence is structurally unsound
  • p.252 In the last sentence of second paragraph, "few block later" should be "few blocks later"
  • p.253 Second sentence, remove the words "amount of"
  • p.253 Sixth sentence, "the rest up us" should be "the rest of us"
  • p.253 second paragraph, third sentence "than" not "then" (am I splitting hairs?)
  • p.269 Chris (??) is Chris Yearwood. Maya Goldstein should actually be Maya Kurokawa.
  • p.276 title: "month" should be "months"
  • p227 Caption should read 'Happy Singing' not 'Happy Sining' (were we really that heathen?)
  • p249 Formatting of text around picture - is it possible to add another line here to separate them?
  • p286 Reference to T-shirt designs page missing
  • p287 Double full stop (line 2)
  • p291 Replace 'I jope' with 'I hope'

Other stuff

  • When viewing the pdf with an Adobe product, searching by page number jumps from "actual pdf" to "as printed page numbers" on pdf p17 (print p9). What's with that? Probably won't cause a problem for printing, but we'll have to check the proof around these pages carefully.