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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Winter Longhike

Everything is different when you go into the backcountry in the winter; that's why there is Winter Longhike, an introductory trip for winter camping. This is usually a big trip with lots of keen people aboard who want to get out, learn some new skills, and sleep in their very own snow shelter while still managing to have fun too. It's an easy, beginner friendly trip, so if you've never even seen snow before you can still have a good time. Other fun activities that often happen at Winter Longhike are a cooking competition, sing alongs, costume competitions, and the occasional great ski run on Sunday.

Past destinations have included:

  • Red Heather Meadows in Garibaldi Park
  • Fat Dog Creek in Manning Park
  • Falls Lake (Coquihalla)
  • Mt. Seymour


January 12th - 13th, 2008

Pre-trip Meeting

There will also be a mandatory dry school on Wednesday Jan 9th at 6pm in the VOC clubroom to arrange rides, food, driving instructions, and go over some snowcave theory.


Mt. Seymour

Equipment List

Main article: Winter Longhike


In winter especially, none of your clothing should be made out of cotton. Anything synthetic is safe. Just remember, Cotton Kills.

  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag (rated for winter, or 3 season if you sleep warm)
  • garbage bags (2-3)
  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • warm pants (fleece or thick long underwear)
  • long underwear
  • layers (fleece or wool sweaters)
  • toque, mitts (2 pairs, or a set of waterproof shells)
  • goggles and avalanche beacon if skiing Sunday
  • warm socks (2 pairs, wool/wool mix)
  • waterproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon)
  • waterproof pants (goretex or coated nylon)
  • gaiters
  • cup, bowl, spoon, knife
  • good waterproof boots (wax them before the trip) or ski boots
  • skis and skins if skiing, or snowshoes
  • poles
  • toothbrush etc.
  • sunscreen and glasses (we can hope, right?)
  • water bottle (1L)
  • lunch, snacks, breakfast, dinner contribution (in winter you will need 2500-3500 calories per day, fat-rich stuff keeps you warm)
  • headlamp
  • gas money for your driver
  • camera if you want

If you want to go skiing on Sunday before heading out to the cars, make sure to bring

  • avalanche transceiver
  • shovel
  • probe (optional but recommended)

Small Group

3-4 people per group, organized at trip meeting along with car groups

  • shovels (1-2)
  • probe
  • stove + fuel + lighter (you'd be surprised how often one of these stays home)
  • pots

Big Group


  • first aid kits (2)
  • song books (4)
  • snow saw
  • maps, compass, etc

Driving Instructions

Coming Across Lions Gate on HWY #1

  1. Take the Fern St exit 22 to Capilan College/Mt. Seymour Park/Deep Cove 0.3km
  2. Turn left at Fern St 0.4km
  3. Turn right at Mr. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  4. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

Coming Across Second Narrows on HWY #1

  1. Merge onto Fern St/ Capilan College via exit 22 to Mt. Seymour Pkwy 0.4km
  2. Turn right at Mt. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  3. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

We are meeting at the trailhead at 8:30am. The trailhead is located at the BC Parks Information Kiosk at the end of the upper parking lot.

Parking is available at the lowermost parking lot in a designated overnight parking area. You are supposed to check in at the Guest Services building and give them your licence plate number, when you're expected back, emergency contact number, etc...

We are taking the Mount Seymour Trail and Camping between the First and Second Pumps past Brockton Point.

Mount Seymour: Length: 4 km. Suggested time: 2.5 hours. Elevation change, 450 m. A busy trail that starts near the north end of the top parking lot, traversing Brockton Point and First and Second Pump Peaks. From the summit there is a panoramic view of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and, on a clear day, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Moderate to difficult. From Parking Lot 4 along the Mount Seymour Trail to Second Pump Peak serves as a winter route.

trail map


  • Instructor Sign-up
  1. Sverre Frisch
  2. Angela Hutton
  3. Matthew Carroll
  4. Champagne
  5. Dan Eagen
  6. Chris Petrus (tenting)
  7. Steve Mullen
  • Student Sign-up
  1. Vince Johnson (Why is Vince the Human Mole listed as a student?)
  2. Agathe Lemaire
  3. April Hall
  4. Bob Lai (can instruct if needed)
  5. Ran Zhang
  6. Eva
  7. Felix Heinen
  8. Toni Marevic
  9. Ben Singleton-Polster
  10. Sophia Toft Moulton
  11. Elissa Smith
  12. Line Christiansen
  13. Christian Sampaleanu (I can probably instruct if there's a shortage)
  14. Eddie Rothschild
  15. Jason Kwok
  16. Laura Morrison
  17. Jacob Cramm
  18. Colin Pither (can instruct if needed)
  19. Mahdi Eynian
  20. Emlyn Clay
  21. Philipp Zielke
  22. Maggie Lam
  23. Sarah Long
  24. Evan Morris (could also instruct)
  25. Allison Boothe
  26. Conrad Koziol
  27. Shauna Connaughton
  28. Tracy Wilkinson
  29. Julie Valk
  30. Michael Kaye
  31. Erin Lee
  32. Liam Harrap
  33. Frances Sharpe
  34. Tiffany Shen
  35. Chelsea Dupuis
  36. Gordon Webb
  37. Oliver MacLean
  38. Jacob Slosberg
  39. Jannah Uhrich-Chappell
  40. Andrew McGechaen
  41. Robin Avery
  42. Madelaine Wiese
  43. Emma V-B
  44. Mohammad Mohammadnia
  45. Madeleine M-P
  46. Anne Vialettes


Since this is such a big trip, rides are usually coordinated at the dry school on Wednesday January 9th to match drivers with passengers who live close to them. However, please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

  • Drivers Name [email, location leaving from, # of passengers]
  • Liam Harrap - 3 spots
  1. -tif-
  2. Ran Z
  3. Emma V-B 
  • Angela Hutton (3 spots + ski gear); leaving from Fishermans Warf (Kits Area); plan for afternoon departure Saturday 1-2pm ([email protected])
  1. Sverre Frisch ([email protected])
  2. Christian Veenstra
  3. Line Christiansen (return)
  • Erin Lee, [email protected], leaving from 4th & Dunbar, can fit 3 with gear (probably only 2 if there are skis)

  • Matthew Carroll (13th + Macdonald, can come to UBC), 6 passengers
  1. Line Christiansen (out) / Elissa Smith (return)
  2. Champagne
  3. Agathe Lemaire
  4. Ben Singleton-Polster
  5. Frances Sharpe
  6. Steve Mullen

  • Bob Lai [leaving from UBC. 6 passengers. Can pick up in Kits if you're nice.]
  1. Andrew (is very nice)
  2. Christian S.
  3. April
  4. Sarah Long
  5. Sophia Toft Moulton
  6. Anne Vialettes (very nice and live in Pt Grey)


  1. Sverre Frisch (6th and Sasamat) 
  2. Eva
  3. Toni Marevic (Downtown)
  4. Felix Heinen (Downtown)
  5. Eddie Rothschild (east end - Napier and Victoria)
  6. Jason Kwok
  7. Laura Morrison (UBC)
  8. Philipp Zielke (19th & Cambie, could probably rent one in worst case)
  9. Maggie Lam (Commerical & Broadway)
  10. Dan Eagen (UBC)
  11. Allison Boothe (either 45 and main or UBC, whatever is easiest)
  12. Conrad Koziol (UBC)
  13. Shauna Connaughton
  14. Julie Valk
  15. Michael Kaye
  16. Chelsea Dupuis
  17. Jacob Slosberg (UBC)
  18. Mohammad Mohammadnia (UBC)