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Datum for all waypoints is WGS84.  There are presented in order of usefulness.
#REDIRECT [[Brew Area Trails]]
=GPX Tracks=
=Waypoints for Hut locations=
*[[Brew Hut]] 486307E 5543101N
*Old Brew Hut site 486690E 5542951N
=Waypoints for traveling between Brew Lake and the Brew Hut in poor weather=
These waypoints (WGS - 84) have been tested in a complete whiteout. Taking a [[Brew Hut#Access|topographical map]] to accompany these waypoints is a good idea.
*0486728E 5541925N - near SW corner of Brew Lake
*0486424E 5542101N - climbing towards upper lake
*0486165E 5542366N - upper lake
*0486122E 5542786N - slopes above upper lake
*0486124E 5543078N - col between Brew Lake and Brandywine Creek
*0486213E 5543061N - highest gap in trees below Brew Hut.  This waypoint is useful to avoid the wind lip that forms on the north side of the ridge in winter
*0486307E 5543101N - Brew Hut
=Waypoints for Roe creek ski route=
Route as flagged
*Switchback on R200 486050E 5539444N
*Trailhead on R200, start of yellow flags 486038E 5539473N
*Enter Old Growth Forest 486147E 5539420N
*Just below creek crossing 486470E 5539388N
*Bottom of open bowl and junction with previous route (orange flags) 486706E 5539497N
*In bowl 486858E 5539523N
*In bowl #2 486901E 5539590N
*top of bowl 486932E 5539637N
*end of a small draw below bluff #2 487004E 5539875N
*Reenter forest after going below bluff #2 487112E 5540107N
*a clearing 487070E 5540244N
*Below bluff #3 487075E 5540310N
*bottom of Talus slope 487065E 5540459N
*start of meadow system 487076E 5540751N
*more meadows 487056E 5540790N
*notch joins from west 486983E 5540869N
*cross small creek to East side? 486955E 5540991N
*More meadows 486890E 5541371N
*End of yellow flagging at SW shore of Brew Lake 486851E 5541748N
==Other meaningful Waypoints==
*top of bluff #2 487000E 5540070N ''flagged route goes below''
*top of bluff #3 487041E 5540312N ''flagged route goes below''
*Bottom of November 2004 flagged route 486544E 5538492N
*end of 2wd on roe creek FSR 486042E 5538556N
*roe creek / chance creek FSR junction 487139E 5535135N (49.96842°N, 123.17933°W)
=GPS File for Waypoints=
You can load this very detailed GPX file into your GPS <br>

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