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In what has now become an annual tradition, many VOCers head to the Brian Waddington Hut (at Phelix Creek) to celebrate the New Year and shred the local gnar. It is the largest of all of our huts, and arguably one of the most beautiful, making for a pretty awesome New Years party. The hut can nominally hold 24, but we've had over 30 in the past. Stay for as long as you want. You're welcome to come and go as you please. Please note that this is not a guided/instructional trip, but more of a gathering of like minded powder hounds. However, if you've never been to the hut before, you'll most likely find someone willing to show you the way.

The terrain isn't exactly friendly for people who have never skied before, but you don't need to be an expert to come. Having done an AST (Avalanche Skills Training) course (or equivalent) is highly recommended. Most of the slopes surrounding the hut are generally labeled "intermediate" or "advanced", but there are some very short beginner level runs behind the hut.

Trip Details:

December 27th, 2018 - January 3rd, 2019

Note that these dates are open to your interpretation! You can stay for as long or as little as you like. Some go up for a few days, others go up just for New Years Eve.

Trip Agenda:

Equipment List

The hut is not heated and can be a little chilly when less than 10 bodies are there, so bring a warm sleeping bag. Some people may prefer to tent outside, but if it's -30C outside and +5C inside, that's a fairly compelling reason to sleep inside.

Snorkels are optional.

Peer Support Group

The peer support group was created to ensure that a comfortable and safe environment is maintained within the VOC. There are six members of the peer support group, both males and females, dedicated to maintaining this environment within the club. We encourage everyone to approach any of our peer support members (whom are listed under the exec members on the membership page if you have felt uncomfortable, or have witnessed a situation of discomfort, harassment of any form or felt lack of safety on any of our trips that you wish to discuss and seek a resolution for. Resolutions can vary from simply having a misunderstanding cleared up to helping provide support for resolving any issues between two people in a safe environment.

To read more about the PSG, visit the wiki page here:

The Lord of Phelix

This years lord will be Haley Foladare. The Lord of Phelix is in charge while up at the Hut over new years. Look for the Lord while up at the Hut if you have any questions or have any concerns. Email [email protected] to get in touch with the lord.

Sign Up

For those who  haven't been to Brian Waddington Hut for New Years before, its important to know that this trip functions differently from many big VOC trips: The trip organization is decentralized and you must self-organize. This is because people have a variety of scheduling needs and a variety of skiing abilities. Despite this we still try to have some organization to help us coordinate with each other and to help others who may not have a group to go up with yet. So if you intend to join us at New Years whether you are a current VOC member, a VOC alumni, or just a friend of the VOC please follow these sign up steps:

  1. Register in the Hut Sign Up below on this wiki page
  2. If you can drive, register in the Drivers Sign Up below on this wiki page
  3. If you need a ride, register in the Carless People Sign Up below on this wiki page
  4. Go to the Trip Agenda (if you are a current VOC member) and sign up as interested or committed to the trip
  5. Contact any people you need to contact in order to self-organize your group!

Hut Sign Up

The purpose of the list below is to figure out how full the hut is going to be on each night (and when the good partying is!).

Please sign up for the nights you would like to sleep in the hut. For example, if you plan on leaving on January 2nd, sign up for January 1st as your last night. Note: sign-up does not guarantee you a spot.

  • H = I would like to sleep in the hut
  • T = I plan to sleep in a tent
  • H* = I have a tent but I might sleep in the hut if there is space
  • [ ... ] = I don't know 100% whether I will be up at Phelix on this night and will probably make this decision last minute

There is a capacity of 24 in the loft and space for another 10 if we get creative and have people sleeping downstairs as well. Try and respect those who have signed up before you in terms of getting a space in a hut. Also, for those only staying one night or so, consider bringing up a tent and leaving some hut space for those who will be at the hut longer than you. As always in the VOC way however, there is always room for one more, so if you need a space in the hut, we can always find one. Any questions or concerns make sure to talk to The Lord of Phelix.

*Note: When editing this page, click "edit" rather than "edit source". This way you can edit the table directly rather than editing the code of the table.*

Full Name Email 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 Comments
0 Dorthy Gale [email protected] [H] H H* T T [T] Driving up. See Drivers Sign Up. Looking for a ski group! AST1 & Blue Runs
1 Rob Shilton [email protected] H H H H H H Looking for a ski group to go steep and deep. Also need a ride please!!
2 George Hill [email protected] H H H H H H Stoked to ski! AST2
3 Theresa Reif [email protected] [H] H H H H [H] Need a ride from Squamish and a ski group, I’ll have an AST1 by then.
4 Armarn Roland [email protected] H H H H H H Have a Ride, Have AST 2 looking to ski some sweet cheery pow pow.
5 Abbi Chapman [email protected] H H H H New to touring this year (will have my AST1 by then though) but advanced skier so looking for a ski group to push myself (sans cliffs - well maybe some baby cliffs.)
6 Natalie Maslowski [email protected] [H] H H H H Will need a ride, but I am excellent company! I am an advanced downhill skier, but am a little new to touring. I will have my AST 1 by this course. I am also looking for skiing groups who will push me to try some new challenges out! (also without cliffs as said above).
7 Isabel Hagen [email protected] [H] H H H H Need a ride. Done lots of downhill but new to touring. Will try and get my AST1 done before this!
8 Christina Di Iorio [email protected] H H H H Can probably drive!! pretty new to touring, but have been skiing for a few years & have my AST1
9 Maddi Everton [email protected] H H H H Been touring 1-2ish years, have an AT set up, advanced skier, AST1 (@christina give me a ride pls)
10 Mary Olson [email protected] H H H H
11 Haley Foladare [email protected] H H H H Need a ride. I have AST 1 and I'm a pretty decent skier
12 Jackson Dagger [email protected] [H] H H [H] Need a ride. I have AST 1. I'm great on the downhill but a little slow going uphill
13 Cody Lai [email protected] H H H H H H Have AST 2 and can drive!
14 Jasmin Tordenro [email protected] [H] [H] H H H H [H] Have a ride. I'm a pretty new skier! But learning by doing right
15 Graham Greig [email protected] H H H H [H] Can drive up. Experienced snowboarder
16 Riley Hannigan [email protected] H H H H Maddi's friend from Ontario visiting!!! bringing him on this DOPE VOC trip!! Advanced skier, AT set up etc etc
17 Stephen Templeman [email protected] [H] H H H [H] Likely have a ride, AST1, fast on the ups, intermediate on the downs.
18 Eric Rothfels [email protected] H H H [H] Can drive (4 seats). I have AST1 and some touring experience.
19 Leopold Kolb [email protected] [H] H H H H H [H] [H]
20 Myla van Wegen [email protected] [H] H H H H [H] [H] Need a ride, will hopefully have AST 1, downhill experience, no touring experience
21 Austin Bauer [email protected] [H] H H H H [H] Need a ride. Experienced skier but will need to rent touring gear. Have AST1.
22 Luc Harvey [email protected] [H] H H H H [H]
23 Francesco Cambi [email protected] [H] H H H [H] Need a ride! Experienced downhill skier, relatively new to ski touring. I'll have to rent gear. Unfortunately I don't have


24 Eric Woolsey [email protected] [H] H H H H [H] Advanced Split Boarder, looking for a ski team to shred pow.
25 Eytan Fiszman [email protected] H H H H [H] I could RENT/drive, have AST 1, experienced skier.
26 Will Matous [email protected] H H H AST1, experienced at downhill/backcountry
27 Kelly Hurley [email protected] H H [H] Need a ride. I am an experienced downhill skier, but only toured once. Have my AST 1
28 Ilya Capralov [email protected] H H H H H H Have AST1. Ride up with Cody Lai. Many ski touring experiences.
29 Spencer Gould [email protected] H H H H H
30 Mirtha Gamiz [email protected] H [H] Need a ride, have AST1, intermediate-advanced downhill experience, little touring experience (splitboard)
31 Tobias Huxol [email protected] [H] H H H [H] Need a ride, experienced backcountry skier (AST1 + 80ish days)
32 Piper Steffen [email protected] [H] H H Intermediate backcountry / experienced downhill skier with AST1 and a car!
33 Andrew Rae ajrae.n[email protected] [H] H H Intermediate backcountry / experienced downhill skier with AST1 in need of some powder after too much time in Ontario
34 Nick Wareing [email protected] H H H H H [H] Need a ride. Flexible on dates. Plenty of downhill skiing + a handful of touring days. AST1
35 Heather Filyk [email protected] H H H H H H Need a ride. Flexible on dates. 50/50 Resort:Touring days, 2 years skiing. AST1
36 Nathan Starzynski [email protected] H H H Likely need to come back Jan 1st. Considering going up on the 28th (10AM). Hot springs 28th night, then to trailhead 29th morning?
37 Glen Healy H H H H
38 James Key [email protected] [H] H [H] Need a ride like most of us peasants ;) I ski and board but will be skiing
39 Zack Wentz [email protected] H H H Driving up on New Years eve and need to get back by Jan. 3rd; can't be flexible since I'll have avalanche courses to teach on both ends of the trip.
40 Kevin Burton [email protected] H H H H AST1 equivalent (depending on who you ask), intermediate skiier
41 Nick Hetherington [email protected] H* H* T
42 Lukas Schreiber [email protected] T T T T Looking to meet fellow telemark skiers.

*add more rows if needed*

Driver Sign Up

Drivers: Please indicate here where you are leaving from, and when, and how many people you can transport. In the example below, Dorthy has a car with space for 4 passengers. Todo and Scarecrow are in her car already. She has changed passenger 5 and 6 cells to the darker header cell to indicate that her car does not have space for a 5th or 6th passenger. She has left passenger 3 and 4 open so that a carless person can sign up for your car. If you have extra comments/details on your schedule, add them to the drivers comments section rather than the table. Make sure you have added yourself to the Hut Sign Up List with your email so that people can contact you.

Passengers: If you see an open spot for a passenger in the table below, and that person has a schedule and location that works for you, you can put your name down in that passenger spot. It is up to you to contact your driver as soon as possible and tell him/her that you want a ride. At that time you can discuss departure time and place, sharing of food, stoves, etc. Once you have confirmed, your should take your name off the "carless people" list. If things don't work out with you and the driver, make sure to remove yourself from their car so that someone else might take that spot.

Once more: Signing yourself up in a car does not mean that you are actually going to get picked up. Make sure to contact the driver!

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Full Name Leaving from: Departure

Date and Time

Arriving Back

Date and Time

Passenger Seats


Passenger 1 Passenger 2 Passenger 3 Passenger 4 Passenger 5 Passenger 6
0 Dorthy Gale Kansas 27th @ 8am 1st @ Evening or

2nd @ Afternoon

4 Todo Scarecrow
1 Cody Lai North Vancouver 27th @ 6am 2nd @ Evening 4 Armarn George Rob Ilya
2 Graham Graig will fill in later - - - Austin Bauer
3 Eric Rothfels Point Grey 29th @ 5am 2 @ Evening 4 Abbi Luc Isabel Natalie
4 Piper Steffen North Vancouver 30th (probably) @ TBD, morning NA 3 Andrew
5 Zack Wentz Bellingham, WA Dec. 31st early morning Jan. 3rd early evening 4 Zack Haley Mirtha

(31st only)

6 Eytan Fiszman Mount Pleasent 28th morning 31st/1st morning 3
7 Nathan Starzynski YVR 28th ~10AM Jan 1st evening 4 (squishy), 3 (no squishy) Nick W Lukas S
8 Nick Hetherington Kits Dec. 29 early bird crosses the bridge Jan. 1 3 Luc Harvey Luca Francesco

*add more rows if needed*

Drivers Comments:

Drivers if you have extra comments on your trip planning that people need to know add them here:

  • Dorthy Example: Planning to leave on the 27th in the morning. Have a Toyota Rav 4 Yellow Brick Road Edition with winter tires, chains and 4WD. Trying to get work off on the 2nd, it looks promising.
  • Piper: Tentatively leaving in the morning on the 30th, continuing own trip after so no rides back to Van, but possibly to Squamish.
  • Eytan: Renting 2WD car, may have room for 3 passengers. 28th to 31st/1st

Carless People Sign Up

For people that don't have a ride. You can put your name here, but it is still your responsibility to find a ride. If a date is flexible to you, enclose it in parenthesis. If you do find a ride, remove yourself from this list.

*Note: When editing this page, click "edit" rather than "edit source". This way you can edit the table directly rather than editing the code of the table.*

Carless Person Email Location Preferred Departure


Preferred Arrival Back


0 Tin Man [email protected] The Woods [28th] 1st Have to get back to work on the 1st so I don't rust but I am flexible on the departure
1 Theresa [email protected] Squamish 28th 1st Flexible for both
2 Natalie Maslowski [email protected] 10th Avenue and Courtenay St. 28th 1st or 2nd Flexible for both, I do start uni lectures Jan. 2.....
3 Isabel Hagen [email protected] 3rd and Waterloo 29th 1st Flexible!
4 Haley Foladare [email protected] Campus 29th 1st
5 Jackson Dagger [email protected] Campus(Wesbrook Village) 29th afternoon or 30th 1st or 2nd I'm flying in around 9:40am on the 29th so I can leave around noon on the 29th or after
6 Maddi Everton [email protected] 20th and Wallace 29th 2nd Flying in to Van on the 28th but coming back date is flexible (also @christina di iorio pls drive me)
7 Riley Hannigan [email protected] 20th and Wallace 29th 2nd same as above
8 Leopold Kolb [email protected] 10th and Camosun 26th 2nd pretty flexible for dates and totally flexibler for time
9 Myla van Wegen [email protected]`` 10th and Camosun 26th/27th 2nd Very flexible for dates
10 Austin Bauer [email protected] 1385 west 57th avenue 28/29 1/2nd Flexibleee
11 Luc Harvey [email protected] 2541 Lomond Way, Garibaldi Highlands 28/29 1st Flexible for both
12 Eytan Fiszman [email protected] 821 W 10 Ave 27/28 31/1 Flexible for both
13 Kelly Hurley [email protected] 3259 W 35th ave 30 1/2
14 Mirtha Gamiz [email protected] 721 East Pender St 30th afternoonish or 31st 1st or 2nd I am flying in at 10am on the 30th and could leave after. I can return on the 2nd but need to talk to work
15 Tobias Huxol [email protected] Wesbrook Village (3588 Ross Dr) 28th 1st Flying in late on the 27th, somewhat flexible to come back on 2nd too
16 Nick Wareing [email protected] 1388 W 6th Ave 27/28 31/1 Flexible on dates
17 James Key [email protected] broadway and cambie 30/31 1/2 Flexible :)
18 Lukas Schreiber [email protected] crown & 10th 29 2 Dates flexible
19 Francesco Cambi [email protected] Fairview Crescent UBC 30th 1st Dates flexible

*add more rows if needed*