Brian Waddington Hut New Year's 2020

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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.
How to Register

Sign in to the VOCWiki on the log in page (or create an account). If you are creating an account, the captcha is "faffing". For help with editing the wiki, see help:contents.

Once you are logged in, add a line to the sign up list below. Include the following information:

  • The dates you will be arriving and departing the hut.
  • Are you driving, or, do you need a ride?
  • Are there other people who are not signed up here that will be in your group?
  • Your contact information - your phone number, or, email address.
  • If you would like to stay in the hut loft, sign up in the google doc.

VOC members can stay at VOC Huts free! Part of your membership fee contributes to maintaining these beautiful backcountry buildings. If you are not a VOC member, we do ask for a donation of $10 per person per night, payable online or in the blue lock box inside the hut. If you are using hut facilities but tenting, consider donating $5 per person.

Update your registration if any details about your group change.


In what has now become an annual tradition, many VOCers head to the Brian Waddington Hut (at Phelix Creek) to celebrate the New Year and shred the local gnar. It is the largest of all of our huts, and arguably one of the most beautiful, making for a pretty awesome New Years party. The hut can sleep 31 in the loft and up to 40 if you get people sleeping downstairs as well. Stay for as long as you want. You're welcome to come and go as you please. Please note that this is not a guided/instructional trip, but more of a gathering of like minded powder hounds. However, if you've never been to the hut before, you'll most likely find someone willing to show you the way.

The terrain isn't exactly friendly for people who have never skied before, but you don't need to be an expert to come. Having done an AST (Avalanche Skills Training) course (or equivalent) is highly recommended. Most of the slopes surrounding the hut are generally labeled "intermediate" or "advanced", but there are some very short beginner level runs behind the hut.

Trip Details:

December 27th, 2019 - January 3rd, 2020

Note that these dates are open to your interpretation! You can stay for as long or as little as you like. Some go up for a few days, others go up just for New Years Eve.

Trip Agenda: to be posted soon!

Equipment List

The hut is now heated by a wood stove. Wood is manually carried on the backs of volunteers to the hut all the way from the road so please please please use sparingly. Start with a small fire. The hut is well insulated and a small fire will heat up the hut. If it's too hot to sleep in your 0deg sleeping bags, you have used too much wood or y'all are just smoking hot athletic studs.

It can get noisy and crowded inside so some people may prefer to tent outside, but if it's -30C outside and +5C inside, that's a fairly compelling reason to sleep inside. There is a limited amount of space in the loft (31 people) so if you would like a spot sign up early. If you are only coming up for new years eve, consider bringing up a tent so that people staying more than one night don't have to switch between the hut and a tent.

Snorkels are optional.

Peer Support Group

The peer support group was created to ensure that a comfortable and safe environment is maintained within the VOC. There are six members of the peer support group, both males and females, dedicated to maintaining this environment within the club. We encourage everyone to approach any of our peer support members (whom are listed under the exec members on the membership page if you have felt uncomfortable, or have witnessed a situation of discomfort, harassment of any form or felt lack of safety on any of our trips that you wish to discuss and seek a resolution for. Resolutions can vary from simply having a misunderstanding cleared up to helping provide support for resolving any issues between two people in a safe environment.

To read more about the PSG, visit the wiki page here:

The Lord of Phelix

This years lord is still TBD. The Lord of Phelix is in charge while up at the Hut over new years. Look for the Lord while up at the Hut if you have any questions or have any concerns. Email [email protected] to get in touch with the lord.

Sign Up

For those who  haven't been to Brian Waddington Hut for New Years before, its important to know that this trip functions differently from many big VOC trips: The trip organization is decentralized and you must self-organize. This is because people have a variety of scheduling needs and a variety of skiing abilities. Despite this we still try to have some organization to help us coordinate with each other and to help others who may not have a group to go up with yet. So if you intend to join us at New Years whether you are a current VOC member, a VOC alumni, or just a friend of the VOC please follow these sign up steps:

  1. Put your name and details down on the list below.
  2. If you want to stay in the loft of the Hut, register on the google drive:
  3. Contact any people you need to contact in order to self-organize your group!

Note: If the loft is full, the main floor can sleep a few people too. There is no "hut sign up" for sleeping downstairs.

Who is going and when?

The purpose of the list below is to figure out how full the hut is going to be on each night (and when the good partying is!).If you would like to stay in the hut, make sure to also sign up in the google doc in addition to putting your name down here! If you are driving and have space in your car, include details like where you are leaving from and how many spots you have.

Name, Email, Date Arriving, Date Leaving, Are you Driving?/Do you need a ride?, Other Comment

  • Dorthy Example, [email protected], 27th to 1st or 2nd, Driving with space for 3.
  • Johan Ebskamp, [email protected], 28th to 2nd. Driving most likely from Revelstoke with space for two more.
  • Faith Robinson, [email protected], 28th to 2nd. Driving most likely from Revelstoke with space for two more.
  • Manuel Stähelin, [email protected], 28th to 2nd. Driving most likely from Vancouver with space for three more.
  • Bill Shmygol and Aleks Stefankowski, [email protected], 30th to 2nd, Not driving, Need a ride.
  • George Hill & Prashaant Ranganathan. [email protected], 28th to 1st from North Van. Could drive but would prefer not (car is rwd) so if you have a similar timeline, shoot me an email!
  • Vincent Briane, [email protected], 26 or 27th to 1st or 2nd. Need a ride :). I live near UBC.
  • Hassan Al Bqaei; [email protected] , 26th to 1st or 2nd, Need a ride . I live in UBC, but for those who are driving from Revelstoke, I might get a lift with you since I will be Kamloops before that time.
  • Kristen Radosevic & Eric Woolsey, [email protected], 31st to the 1st. Will likely be driving but not sure if there will be any space for more.
  • Damien, [email protected] 27 or 28 to 1st or 2nd.Need a ride from Van.
  • Eli, [email protected] 29 to 1st or 2nd. Driving from Vancouver, car is full.
  • Cheng Tsai, [email protected], 29-1, ride with george
  • Brede Paulsen and Ada Dranger, 28-2, need a ride from Vancouver (at Dunbar)

Hut Sign Up

Maximal sleeping arrangement of the Loft. Note the direction of each spot that helps to give each person as much space as possible. To sign up for a spot go to the Google Doc

Please sign up for the nights you would like to sleep in the hut. For example, if you plan on leaving on January 2nd, sign up for January 1st as your last night. Note: sign-up does not guarantee you a spot. There is a capacity of 31 in the loft and space for another 10 if we get creative and have people sleeping downstairs as well.

Please sign up on this Google Doc if you would like to sleep in the hut:

Try and respect those who have signed up before you in terms of getting a space in a hut. Also, for those only staying one night or so, consider bringing up a tent and leaving some hut space for those who will be at the hut longer than you. As always in the VOC way however, there is always room for one more, so if you need a space in the hut, we can always find one. Any questions or concerns make sure to talk to The Lord of Phelix.