Camping gear and backpacks

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This page is a part of Gear rental list.

This list was last modified in 2006 and probably does not have any relationship to reality at all

Old stuff, but can be used!

Item Description Notes
Tarp Red working condition
Dome Old Fly, pegs, poles, tent. Tent is pretty frayed especially the doors and bug screens. Zippers no longer functioning
Foamie Yellow Missing 2 corners, otherwise okey
Foamie Yellow short In good shape
Foamie Green Some tears and holes but still usable
Sleeping bag Green Zipper still good! Working condition. A stuff sack would be nice
Tent #6 (where are #1 to #5?) Fly is good, tent zipper works, small burn hole in door, otherwise okey. Poles and pegs are NON EXISTANT!
Tarp Big Blue A few small holes but still in working condition
Backpack Purple Double up as a suitcase, zippers work
Backpack Blue/Black Hole in front compartment, no top flap (barely closable), straps and frame okey
Backpack Black/Pink Still works fine. Some cord holds straps together...
Fly Peach-colored In good shape
Tent Blue Poles are shit, tent and fly are still good though
Tent Brown with Green fly Everything there except for pegs, zipper still good. A bit worn but still okey for summer camping.