Climbing shoes

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This page is a part of Gear rental list.

As of Nov, 25th, 2005.

A1TenayaOrange36well used.good sole.
A2FreelcimbingTurquiose38Bottom sole slipping
A3La SportivaBlue37Well used. Good sole
A4BorealPurple38Worn inside toe.Sole split L. Shoe.
A5La SportivaOrange37Worn tips, split rubber from shoe.
A6La SportivaBlue37.5Good.
A7BorealPurple34V. good.
A8La SportivaPurple/Yellow40Sole good. Leather worn.
A9N/ABlue39Very used. Heel Duct taped
A10La SportivaBlue40.5Good
A115.10Orange42.5Instep worn
A125.10Orange41.5Toe edges worn. L esp.
A13FreeclimbingRed41.5left shoe seperated from rubber.sand left bottom.
A14La SportivaOrange36.5left shoe inside toe worn, rubber lose.
A165.10Blue/Green41.5Well used. Bad toe.
A18La SportivaOrange41Right toe worn
A20BorealPurple/Black42Toes worn
A22BorealBlue/Green44Used but good.
A23La SportivaPink43Used but good.
A245.10Green43.5Toe worn, but ok.
A25BorealGrey/Red40worn toes. holes.
A26BorealRed42Left shoe bottom/edges worn
A27CelticPink41Right shoe toe worn
A29La SportivaYellow42.5leather worn
A30Boreal (diablos)Yellow43good
A31Boreal (diablos)Yellow43good