Climbing shoes

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NoIdentification (picture)SizeNotes
1Orange, Phil's (mountains)6ishleft: with split on a side
2Pink (lightning)7ishright: leather worn out on side
3MUM green7isha bit stiff
4Pink (flower)7ishrelatively good condition
5Grey (man)6 1/2 worn out in toes
6(cup)9ishleather is quite brittle
7Purple, Vector4 1/2relativeley good condition
8Red, Sportiva9ishleather a bit brittle
9Green, EB7ishleft: leather on side and toe worn
10(snake)7ishrelatively good condition
11Fire, Aqua7ishleather a bit brittle
122002-blue9good condition
13White/Red(lock)8 1/2mismatched pair, red is a bit stiff
14Blue (unhappy face)5a bit ftiff
15Orange (XX in a hexagone)5brittle and stiff
16Orange, Dan's5bit stiff
17Orange, D5brittle and stiff
18Orange6bit stiff
19Black, Boreal10well worn
20Red/Blue (pine and tensor product)7ishmismatched pair, good condition
21Blue/Orange6ishtwo left feet!
22Green, Boreal10 1/2good
23Pink, Sportiva8 1/2 brittle
24Pink, Sportiva7 1/2 worn out in toes
25Five Ten6ishgood
26Orange, Sportiva7brittle and stiff
28Green, Boreal8good
29Black, Boreal8 1/2 USgood
30Purple, Five Ten7 1/2 USgood
31Purple, Stealth C411new
32Yellow, Scarpa9Almost new
33Yellow, LaSportiva10Almost new
34Red, Legacy Free Climbing11Almost new
35Green, Fire11Good