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The Clubroom is our room inside the (AMS Student nest, Map of Nest with Clubroom]). It serves as an office, meetup space (e.g. for pre-trip meetings), library and storage of our gear. The clubroom is generally open during Gear Hours. It might also be open at other times, though it is not guaranteed that services like membership and gear rental are available at these times.

Gear Rental Hours (when the Clubroom will be open)

      ***COVID-19 UPDATE: Gear rentals are back, but with some big changes! - if you are going on a VOC trip and need gear, let your trip leader know!

The trip leader can email the list of gear needed (fill out this excel doc if it's a lot) to the quartermasters (gear @, and we can organize a time to meet at the clubroom, where we can hand you the gear and collect the cash deposit. The trip leader may delegate this task to someone else on the trip, but there should only be the minimum number of people required to transport the gear being picked up (for everyone on the trip). Note that the person picking up the gear is paying the entire deposit, so we suggest they collect deposits from the other people on the trip. A list of different deposits for the gear is below and the excel sheet also automatically calculates them for you.

In emails, please include: trip leader (your) name, trip name or link, list of gear needed (quantity, size) OR the filled out excel sheet, who will pick gear up (name & contact info), and available meeting times.

Last updated Sept. 09, 2020

Please arrive with enough time to pick up the gear. Bring cash for refundable gear deposit.

Note that it is not appropriate to leave gear outside or inside the Clubroom when the gear room is locked.

Executive Meetings

The elected Club Executive meets once a week to discuss upcoming events and generally make the Club run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes this involves mostly putting out fires, and sometimes it involves far-ranging philosophical discussion. If you would like to attend an Exec meeting you can do so, but please realize that these people are pretty busy, so don't interrupt. If you have something to present, talk to the president before the meeting so it can be scheduled. If you just want to renew your membership, probably this can be done without interrupting the meeting and you should do it after in most cases. If you want to take out gear, this is not the time to do it.

Each year we discuss when to hold Exec meetings, to maximize the number of Exec who can be there. Everyone is welcome to come though.

The minutes from past exec meetings are available for members to read.

If you're interested in what the exec did the previous years, you could check out the exec reports.

When the Clubroom isn't Open

COVID-19 update: always unless you email a qm and set up a appointment

If there is someone in the clubroom, it is appropriate to ask whether you may:

  • read a book from our Library
  • activate your VOC membership, buy swag or pay for other things you might need to pay for
  • get advice for how to do things, like organizing a trip, how to pack better, how to reduce faff, etc.
  • wax/sharpen your skis (bring $5 to cover the cost of wax/base cleaner/ptex you use)
  • do other gear maintenance stuff with the equipment we have
  • just hang out with other VOCers!

NOTE: It is at the discretion of the exec member in the clubroom whether these things are possible. We try to be accommodating but we also have to study, and be in the room if you are doing maintenance (and may be leaving soon). It is generally NOT appropriate to ask to borrow or return gear. Please email the quartermasters if you cannot make any gear hours.

Open Workhikes

Often exec will be working on a variety of tasks during the Open Clubroom Hours and if you are interested in sitting on/helping out you are welcome to (it also counts as a workhike!). Below is a list of some of the things we might be working on:

  • Maintain the club gear, such as ski tuning, fixing bindings, inspecting equipment, etc.
  • Doing research through the archives, reading old journal articles, organizing and documenting what we have.
  • Planning big trips such as Rock Party, Glacier School, Longhike, the Winter Formal and the AGM.
  • Working on expanding the information and content structure of the VOC Wiki
  • Project work for Huts & Trails, such as design work, project briefs, grant writing, construction scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Developer tasks, such as upgrading the VOC Main Website, the Hut Registration system or the VOC Wiki.
  • Edit trips reports for the next VOCJ

The Journal and Special Project Committees sometimes meet during the open clubroom times and you are welcome to join in and help them out, or even better, join the committee!