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Open Hours

The clubroom is open for specific gear hours, executive meetings, clubroom workhikes, and general hours. Check out the Gear Rental page for info on how and when to rent gear or else read below to learn more.

Executive Meetings

The elected Club Executive meets once a week to discuss upcoming events and generally make the Club run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes this involves mostly putting out fires, and sometimes it involves far-ranging philosophical discussion. If you would like to attend an Exec meeting you are welcome to come. They are open to all VOC members. Email [email protected] if you want to learn when the exec meetings are. If you have something to present, talk to the president or secretary before the meeting so it can be scheduled.

If you just want to renew your membership, probably this can be done without interrupting the meeting and you should do it after in most cases. If you want to take out gear, this is not the time to do it.

The minutes from past exec meetings are available for members to read. They are found on the VOC's internal message board.

If you're interested in what the exec did the previous years, you could check out the exec reports.

Clubroom workhikes

Often exec will be working on a variety of tasks during open clubroom hours. If you are interested in sitting on/helping out you are welcome to (it also counts as a workhike!). Below is a list of some of the things we might be working on:

  • Maintain the club gear, such as ski tuning, fixing bindings, inspecting equipment, etc.
  • Doing research through the archives, reading old journal articles, organizing and documenting what we have.
  • Planning big trips such as Rock Party, Glacier School, Longhike, the Winter Formal and the AGM.
  • Working on expanding the information and content structure of the VOC Wiki
  • Project work for Huts & Trails, such as design work, project briefs, grant writing, construction scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Developer tasks, such as upgrading the VOC Main Website, the Hut Registration system or the VOC Wiki.
  • Edit trips reports for the next VOCJ
  • Committees sometimes meet during the open clubroom times and you are welcome to join in and help them out, or even better, join the committee!

General hours

If there is someone in the clubroom, it is appropriate to ask whether you may:

  • read a book from our Library
  • activate your VOC membership
  • buy swag or pay for other things you might need to pay for
  • get advice for how to do things, like organizing a trip, how to pack better, how to reduce faff, etc.
  • wax/sharpen your skis (bring $5 to cover the cost of wax/base cleaner/ptex you use)
  • do other gear maintenance stuff with the equipment we have
  • just hang out with other VOCers!

NOTE: It is at the discretion of the exec member in the clubroom whether these things are possible. Execs try to be accommodating but we also have things to do. It is generally NOT appropriate to ask to borrow or return gear. Please email the quartermasters if you cannot make any gear hours ([email protected]).


If you would like to contact the quartermasters, you can email: [email protected] dot com .

If we aren't busy with gear, we can help you out with VOC membership or VOC library loans, etc.

Gear List (and deposits)

Climbing/ Mountaineering Gear

Item Deposit Notes
Rope $100 top rope only, not suitable for leader falls
Harness $40
Climbing shoes $40 should fit tightly, but not utterly destroy your feet
Helmet $40
Starter Trad Rack $200 0.3-3 Camalots, Double set of GW nuts. For Rock-4 instructors/students
#4/#5/#6 C4 Cams $200 Includes the set of 3. See: Squamish Offwidth
"Climbing package" $100 Harness, shoes, helmet (Note: not for use in the Aviary)
Ice axe $40
Ice tools $200 Quarks, Cassins, Vipers (*One set only for dry tooling)
Ice crampons $80
Mountaineering boots $40 stiff boots suitable for crampons
Crampons $40 bring your boots for fitting
Hiking boots $40 not suitable for crampons
Snow Picket $20 Various lengths
Backpacks $40 20L - 80L
Sleeping mats $20 Mostly Z-Lite mats

Snow Sports Gear

Make sure your skis, boots, poles, feet, skins, all fit together properly before leaving the Clubroom!!
Item Deposit Notes
Snowshoes $40
Gaiters $20
Telemark skis + skins $120
AT skis + skins $120 We only have a few
Splitboard + skins $200 We only have three, you need your own snowboard boots and telescope poles.
Plastic tele boots $80
Poles $40
Ski crampons $20
"Ski Package" $200 Skis + skins, boots, poles
Avalanche transceiver or beacon $200 batteries are not included!
Shovel $40
Probe $40
"Avalanche package" $280 beacon, shovel, probe

Other Gear

Item Deposit Notes
Books/maps $40
Whitewater Kayaks $200 Includes skirt, paddle, and helmet. You will need to discuss your intentions with us before renting. Rented at Alastair's discretion.
GPS (Etrex 30) $40 Comes loaded with some maps
Two-way radios $20 Per pair
Canoe $200 Includes life vests and paddles. Rented at quatermaster's discretion.
SPOT locator $100 batteries not included. (Free for trip leader).
Crash Pad $80 We only have two, so one week rental.
Bike Pannier $60/ea We have two.
Double Portaledge $500 Metolius Double Bomber portaledge and rainfly. You will need to discuss your intentions with us via email before renting. Rented at our discretion.
Haul bag 125L $100 Metolius Half Dome 125L haul bag.

Canoe Rental Calendar

This calendar is used exclusively for Canoe rentals/reservations. We make an exception to our 'no reservations' rule since canoe rental involves coordinating a car.

If you are picking up the canoe, you need to bring a friend to help you, as the QMs cannot leave the clubroom during gear hours.


  • DEMO: DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY; First Name Last Name
  • REAL: 14/06/19 to 17/06/19; Jan Hammer
  • REAL: 28/06/19 to 02/07/19; Birgit Rogalla
  • REAL: 03/07/19 to 12/07/19; Zia Mehrabi
  • REAL: 12/07/19 to 19/07/19 Ildiko Kovacs ([email protected])
  • REAL: 23/07/19 to 28/07/19; Nathan Roberson
  • REAL: 02/08/19 to 06/08/19; Ildiko Kovacs
  • REAL: 3/10/19 to 13/10/19; Robert Lachance
  • REAL: 10/10/19 to 24/10/19; Joshua Henrich; [[1]]; +33 766 54 60 71
  • REAL: 24/10/19 to 28/10/19; Douglas Vis (douglasvis at hotmail dot com)
  • REAL: 22/05/20 to 25/05/20; Ski to Sea (Either Jackson or Tereza)
  • REAL: 15/07/20 to 27/07/20; Linda Kiritchkov (if gear rental is available by then)

Last updated: Sept 11, 2019

Club Gear

  • Objectives: to make gear available to all members, to not lose gear, to keep gear in good condition, to maintain a gear plan, to find good deals on gear.
  • Club gear is managed by the Quartermasters, who are elected members of the VOC Exec. We appreciate getting help with gear; if you would like to help out, please volunteer to be a Helper. Quartermasters and Helpers follow gear policy
  • As Club gear is maintained by the quartermasters and club members, it is subject to the time constraints of busy students. This means the gear you receive may not be in the best condition. You must examine and/or test borrowed gear before you take it on a trip. Report damage to the quartermasters. Usually you can earn a workhike by maintaining or repairing the club gear you borrow.
  • Club members (Student Members and Associate Members, but not Honorary Members) can borrow gear for free if they leave a deposit. In addition, after a 3 rental grace period everyone is supposed to do a workhike before borrowing club gear.

Gear Rental Rules

  • Using Club gear is one of the privileges of being a fee-paying (Student or Associate) Member. Honorary Members don't pay fees and are not entitled to use Club Gear; presumably by the time you get to be an Honorary Member, you have bought your own gear.
  • Members are entitled to use one set of gear at a time, not gear for yourself and your friends (unless they are Members). If your friend needs a beacon and you need a beacon, your friend should join the Club.
  • After a 3 rental grace period you are supposed to have completed a workhike. See Workhikes. If you haven’t done yours yet, discuss this with the Gear Person. Usually you can earn a workhike by maintaining or repairing the club gear you borrow.
  • Rental is free, but a large cash deposit is required to take out Club Gear. The cash is returned to you when you bring back the gear.
  • Gear rental period is for a week. Please bring it back during the week following the week you took it out. Bring it back as soon as you can, as others may be waiting to use it. There may be penalties for bringing gear back late.
  • If you need to take out gear for longer than a weekend, discuss this with the Gear Person, who may let you take it out for longer, especially over the Winter Holiday, or Reading Break.
  • If you need gear for two consecutive weekends, you may be able to renew your rental for the next weekend, if demand for the gear is not high at the moment.
  • Don't try to reserve gear. If you need something, take it before somebody else gets it.
  • Look over your gear carefully to ensure it is all there and it will work for you. Check for loose screws in the bindings. Make sure your boots both fit your feet and the skis, and that your skins fit. Check both halves of the pair. People have managed to borrow two left boots, or two boots of different size.
  • Return gear in good condition. Boots should be dry. If something broke, tell us about it. If you lost something, be prepared to replace it.
  • Don't hog the gear. If you find you are having trouble with returning Club gear, or it has been sitting in your closet for a while, this is an indication that you are using the Club gear without respect for the needs of the other Members. Maybe it's time to get your own gear.
  • It is not appropriate to leave gear outside of the clubroom when there are no gear hours.


In the clubroom in the basement of the AMS Nest (NEW Student Union Building), next to the Grand Noodle Emporium, or, more importantly, just around the corner from The Pit. The room number is LL201 if you really want to know. This map will guide you.


All gear is borrowed on a deposit system. When you return the gear, you get your deposits returned. The above tables show the deposit amounts. We don't accept personal cheques for deposits, and we don't do cards or coins, so that leaves paper cash only. Deposit amounts are high to encourage you to bring the gear back.

We Don't Have Tents, Sleeping Bags or Clothing

We don't attempt to provide tents or sleeping bags, as these quickly deteriorate unless they are well cared for and we don't have the personnel to do that.

MEC, an outdoor co-op located in Vancouver, North Van, and Langley, can rent these items to you. As of July 2021, MEC no longer rents sleeping bags or tents. Try Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to find cheap gear or the VOC's Facebook page to ask to borrow gear.

We don't supply outdoors clothing, but sometimes stuff gets abandoned in the Clubroom, so it is worth while to check out the "free bin" from time to time.

Other Gear Rental Locations

Mountain Equipment Co-op is probably the best source of rental equipment. More information can be found on their MEC's rental page (Vancouver store)

Another place you might go to rent gear is Sports Junkies (they have winter clothing, tents, other camping gear, plus we get 10% off) or Valhalla Pure Outfitters