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The club has a reasonably extensive selection of books including hiking, climbing, and skiing guidebooks as well as instructional manuals and more. Most of the newer books and/or commonly used books are now listed here, but there are many more. Drop by the clubroom to browse.

Guidelines: How to Use the VOC Library

For members

If you find a guidebook/magazine/map that you would like to borrow, locate an exec member that can sign it out for you. Quartermaster helpers are also able to do this. The deposit for each library article is $20 (no exceptions) and the borrowing period is 2 weeks. Maps should NOT be taken on trips (except the tearproof ones).

For exec members

  • All library articles (includes books, guidebooks, magazines, maps, VOC journals, other journals, videos, DVD’s etc) should be checked out using the Gearmaster, and assigned as library articles (not gear!).
  • A separate entry must be used for library articles. For example, if someone gets skis+skins+boots+1 guidebook+1 map, you need one entry for the skis+skins+boots and one entry for the guidebook + map. As with gear, if someone has borrowed two or more library articles (or a combination) and returns only some of them, mark that entry as returned and make a new entry, which should contain the books/maps that they still have and the deposit that we still hold for those books/maps.
  • Make sure to write the title of the book
  • The deposit for each library article is $20 (no exceptions)
  • The deposit should be deposited in the exec drawer, in the black folder, under "library". It should NOT go with the gear money.
  • The "library folder" will not be used anymore. At all.
  • Maps should not be taken on trips, except for the waterproof/tearproof ones (Callaghan, Garibaldi, etc). Please tell this to people every time someone borrows a map. They should photocopy the section that they need or just use it for reference.
  • The default period for letting out books and maps is be 2 weeks. If people come back and ask for an extension, this can be granted ONCE (for a total of 4 weeks). If this is a high use guidebook of which we have only one, don't give an extension and consider only letting people borrow it for a week. Examples of these books are: Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis (the new 3rd edition), Alpine Select, Scrambles, Climbers Guide to Squamish (McKlane), Freedom of the Hills (new edition), Skaha Rockclimbs, etc. If people keep on begging for extensions, kindly suggest them to invest their $20 deposit in a shiny new guidebook of their own.

Guidebooks (Recent/Popular)

Climbing: Bouldering, Ice, Mountaineering, and Rock

  • Better Bouldering, John Sherman
  • Climbing Anchors, John Long
  • How to Climb 5.12, Eric J. Horst
  • Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills (8th edition +)
  • Rock Climbing Anchors, Craig Luebben
  • Rock Climbing, Moving up the grades, Malcolm Creasey
  • The Complete Rock Climber, Malcolm Creasey
  • The Rock Warrior's Way 2nd Ed
  • Wilderness Mountaineering (2nd edition), Phil Powers

Climbing: Specific Area Guides

  • Bay Area Rock: A Climber's Guide, 
  • Bouldering in the Canadian Rockies, Fink, Norman & Tremaine
  • Bow Valley Rock, Chris Perry, John Martin and Sean Dougherty
  • Canadian Rock: Select Climbs of the West, Kevin McLane
  • Cascade Alpine Guide (3 volumes), Fred Beckey
  • Climber's Guide to Smith Rock, Alan Watts
  • Island Alpine, Philip Stone
  • Kelowna Rock
  • Leavensoworth Rock 3rd Ed
  • Mixed Climbs in the Canadian Rockies, Sean Isaac
  • Rock Climbing Washington
  • Skaha Rockclimbs, Howie Richardson
  • Smith Rock Select, Jonathan Thesenga
  • Sport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies, John Martin and Jon Jones (5th edition)
  • Squamish Bouldering, Marc Bourdon (2nd edition)
  • The Rockclimber's guide to Squamish, Kevin McLane
  • West Coast Ice, Don Serl
  • West Kootenays RockGuide, Aaron Kristianse and Vince Hempsall
  • Yosemite Valley Free Climbs, Greg Barnes, Chris McNamara, Steve Roper and Todd SNyder


  • Bicycling Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, Simon Priest
  • Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway, Dan and Sandra Langford
  • Mountain Biking British Columbia, Steve Dunn (2nd edition)
  • Trans Canada Trail BC

Hiking, Scrambling, Camping and Hotsprings

  • 100 Hikes in the North Cascades, Ira Spring and Harvey Manning
  • 103 Hikes in SW BC, Mary and David Macaree
  • 109 Walks in BC's Lower Mainland, Mary and David Macaree
  • A Guide to Climbing and Hiking in SW BC, Bruce Fairley
  • Canyon to Alpine - Lillooet Hiking Guide
  • Camp free in BC by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • Cascade Alpine Guide: Climbing and High Routes, Rainy Pass to Fraser River, Fred Beckey
  • Colorado Scrambles, Dave Cooper
  • Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • Easy Hiking Around Vancouver, Jean Cousins
  • Giant Cedars, White Sands, Juan de Fuca Marine Trail Guidebooks, Donald C. Mills
  • Hiking from here to Wow: North Cascades, Cathy and Craig Copeland
  • Hiking Guide to the Big Trees of SW BC, Randy Stotlmann
  • Hiking Near Vancouver, Dougald MacDonald
  • Hiking the Gulf Islands, Charles Kahn
  • Hiking the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Tim Leadem 
  • Hot Springs of Western Canada, Glenn Woodsworth (2nd Edition)
  • Mountain Footsteps (Hikes in the East Kootenay of SE BC), Janice Strong (3rd Edition)
  • One Day Getaways from Vancouver, Jack Christie
  • Scrambles in SW BC, Matt Gunn
  • Stein Valley Wilderness Guidebook (2nd Edition), Gordon White
  • The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, Matthew Payne & Adam Vasilevich
  • The West Coast Trail, 8th Edition, Tim Leadem
  • The Whistler Book: An all season outdoor guide, Jack Christie
  • Where the Locals Hike in the West Kootenays, Kathy and Craig Copeland


  • Whitewater in SW BC, Claudia Schwab
  • Sea Kayaking Canada's West Coast, John Ince & Hedi Kottner
  • Sea Kayaking, John Dowd
  • The Wild Coast 3, Kayaking, Hiking and Recreation Guide for BC's South Coast and East Vancouver Island, John Kimantas

Navigation & First Aid

  • GPS Made Easy, Lawrence Letham
  • The Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Handbook
  • Wilderness Navigation Handbook, Fred Touche

Skiing and Avalanches

  • Backcountry Avalanche Awareness, Bruce Jamieson 
  • Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering, Martin Voken, Scott Schell, and Margaret Wheeler
  • Backcountry Snowboarding, Christopher Van Tilburg
  • Cross Country Ski Tours: Washington's South Cascades and Olympics, Tom Kirkendall & Vicky Spring (2nd edition)
  • Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis, John Baldwin (3rd edition + )
  • Free Heel Skiing, Paul Parker
  • Mountain Skiing, Vic Bein
  • Ski Touring in the West Kootenays, Trever Holsworth
  • Snowshoe Routes: Washington, Dan A. Nelson
  • Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Tremper
  • Summits and Icefields: Alpine Ski Tours in the Rockies and Columbia Mountains of Canada, Chic Scott
  • The ABC's of Avalanche Safety, Sue A Ferguson and Edward R. LaChapelle (3rd edition)
  • The Avalanche Handbook, David McClung and Peter Schaerer (3rd edition)


  • Magazines: Alpinist, Rock & Ice, Climbing Magazine
  • Waterproof Maps: Garibaldi Park (Bivouac Series 1:50k), Callaghan Valley (Bivouac Series 50k), Whistler-Spearhead Orthophoto Map (1:15k)
  • Fiction

Guidelines: How to Use the VOC Map Collection

Quick Guide

  • Find out which map sheet you need (see below).
  • Start following the red numbers on the cabinets, which go from most likely to find map here (1) to least likely to find map (4). This might require some digging. The cabinets have a note on them giving a rough list of the contents.
  • Once you’ve found your map, locate an exec to lend it out to you, and pay the $20 deposit per map (to be returned to you when you return it)
  • Maps should not be taken on trips under any circumstances (except the tear proof ones), since they damage easily. Please photocopy the map that you need and return the map to the appropriate location.

How to Figure Out Which Map You Need

Let’s assume you are looking for a 1:50,000 map. The “map sheet code” should look something like 92J/3. The code of the map is indicated in most guidebooks, or you can look it up by place name (, by latitude and longitude ( or you can locate it on the index map ( Hint: Maps in SW BC are typically in the 92 series.

Some common 1:50,000 maps you might be looking for:

  • VOC Huts: 92J/3 (Brew), 92J/10 (Phelix), 92G/15 (Sphinx), 92J/11 (Harrison)
  • North Shore: 92G/7 (Mt. Seymour), 92G/6 (Howe Sound Crest Trail)
  • Garibaldi PP: 92G/14 &15 (Paul Ridge, Elfin Lakes, Mt. Garibaldi, Garibaldi Neve), 92J/2 (Wedge), + excellent tear-proof map by the library
  • Callaghan: 92J/3, + excellent tear-proof map by the library)
  • Duffey: 92J/8 (Cerise, Joffrey, Matier, Marriot, Rohr)
  • Coquihalla: 92H/11 (Needle, Zoa, Zupjok, Yak)

Note: the VOC also has some other types of maps, such as 1:250,000 maps, index maps, marine charts, forestry maps, road maps etc. Finding these might require significant digging – look at the contents notes on the cabinets to try and find the right cabinet. The tear proof maps are typically kept on the shelves of the library.

Online Mapping

As a recommended alternative, if you’d rather print out the map (or a section of it) or you can’t find the map you need in the VOC Collection, the maps are available online for FREE, and with MORE detail! (1:20,000) . For more information, check out Online_mapping.

List of Purchases

The VOC Library currently has an annual budget of 200 CAD. The budget is mostly spent on guidebooks, although the purchase of tearproof/waterproof maps might be considered from time to time. In general, we purchase a combination of guidebooks of local interest, and guidebooks for farther places. The idea is that the local guidebooks would be useful if you are new in town or getting into a new activity, others will probably end up buying their own copies of these guidebooks (or borrow from friends). The guidebooks for farther places are useful for people considering a roadtrip or longer trip and in order to spark curiosity about faraway places.

Wish List

  • New editions of Squamish Climber's Guide (to be published), Skaha Climbing and Alpine Select (all expected in 2012)
  • Extreme Alpinism
  • BC Car Free
  • Avalanche education video: "The fine line"



  • Don't Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • 103 Hikes in SW BC by Jack Bryceland and Mary & David Macaree (6th Edition)
  • Camp free in BC by Kathy and Craig Copeland


  • Trans Canada Trail BC
  • Canyon to Alpine - Lillooet Hiking Guide
  • Hiking the Gulf Islands 2nd Ed
  • Leavensoworth Rock 3rd Ed
  • The Rock Warrior's Way 2nd Ed
  • Kelowna Rock
  • Island Alpine
  • Rock Climbing Washington


  • Freedom of the Hills
  • Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain
  • West Coast Ice
  • Canadian Rock
  • Squamish Bouldering by Marc Bourdon (2nd edition)
  • White Water in Southwest British Columbia by Claudia Schwab


  • Hiking from here to WOW (North Cascades), by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • Mountain footsteps (East Kootenay), by Janice Strong
  • Stein Valley wilderness guidebook, by Gordon White (new ed)
  • Hiking the gulf islands, by Charles Kahn
  • Where locals hike in the west Kootenay, by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway, by Dan and Sandra Langford
  • Vantage guide book (new edition)

List of archives

Digitized Archives

These are not yet online, but are listed so that volunteers know which parts of this project are complete, in order to avoid duplication.

VOCJ Volume # Year Scanned Pages
I 1958 Yes Duncan
II 1959 Yes Duncan
III 1960 YES Eric
IV 1961 maybe Eric
V 1962 NO 66
VI 1963 maybe Duncan
VII 1964 maybe Duncan
VIII 1965 maybe Eric
IX 1966 maybe Eric
X 1967 maybe Eric
XI 1968 maybe 116
XII 1969 maybe Duncan
XIV 1971 maybe Duncan
XXVI 1983 maybe Duncan
XXVII 1984 maybe Duncan
XXVIII 1985 maybe Duncan
XXIX 1986 maybe Duncan
XXXI 1988 NO 128
XXXII 1989 NO 124
XXXIII 1990 NO 150
XXXIV 1991 NO 160
XXXV 1992 NO 180
XXXVII 1994 NO 201
XXXVIII 1995 NO 206
XXXIX 1996 NO 174
XL 1997 NO 222
XLI 1998 NO 253
XLII 1999 NO 200
XLIII 2000 NO 301
XLIV 2001 NO 281
XLV 2002 NO 233
XLVI 2003 NO 235
XLVII 2004 NO 264
XLVIII 2005 NO 222
XLIX 2006 Yes Duncan
L 2007 Original PDFs
LI 2008 Original PDFs

Photo Collection Year Type Scanned
ALL Slide Yes
1927-49 Prints Partial
ALL Other Prints NO