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Clubs Days is a yearly AMS event at which many of the AMS' 300+ clubs set up booths in the SUB in order to recruit new members. It is the biggest membership event of the year for the VOC and is a great chance to inform people about the club. Usually it takes place during the third week of September. Volunteer club members take shifts operating the VOC booth; helping out typically counts as a workhike.

Remember that if you are working at a VOC booth you are representing the club!

Things needed for a Clubs Days booth

  • Pretty display items, including:
    • A poster featuring our name prominently
    • A large drape/VOC-flag to cover the front of the booth with
    • Various pieces of attention attracting rental gear
    • A couple VOC journals for people to leaf through
  • Membership forms & cards and somewhere to keep completed forms
  • Somewhere to keep money securely
  • LOTS of $5 bills to accommodate those who want to pay their $35 membership fee with two $20 bills, which is most people
  • LOTS of pens
  • Longhike info
  • Brochures/pamphlets (see below)
  • A list of upcoming trips which emphasizes that they are free
  • A prominent sign telling people when/where Intro night is
  • (optional) Laptop with slideshow
  • (nice to have) Lots of clipboards/pieces-of-stiff-material so that when it gets really busy people don't need to jostle for booth desk space to sign up


It's probably a good idea to only have one kind that includes all the necessary information. If there is more than one then people seem to take once of each out of fear that they may be missing out on something. Perhaps a second kind with tons of information for the super keen could be kept out of sight and offered to those who seem like they might want it? People also seem to prefer pamphlets that are folded into thirds. A nifty pamphlet holder would probably make us look pretty professional too. Stuff that is important to have in the brochure includes:

  • the club website
  • VOC crest
  • Intro night information
  • map to the clubroom for those who can't sign up right-this-instant
  • why people should join

Past brochures:

Past Clubs Days Pages