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Revised November 2001


This Constitution shall take precedence over all previous constitutions effective April 1, 2002


The name of this organization shall be the Varsity Outdoor Club of the AMS, hereafter referred to as the VOC.


The purpose of the VOC is to promote an interest in self-propelled outdoor activities at UBC.


The membership of this organization is divided into four categories: Student, Associate, Alumni, and Honorary.

1.1. Student Members
1.1.1. Eligibility
Must be members of the AMS
1.1.2. Privileges All social and competitive privileges of the Club. The use of Club equipment (see Bylaw 12). The privilege of voting. The privilege of holding an Executive position (see Bylaw 3 and 5 )

1.1.3. Qualifications Membership commences when membership fees are paid, a membership form is filled out, and the waiver is signed. Membership terminates on October 31 of the following school year. Student Members must comprise two-third (2/3) of the total membership.

1.1.4. Obligations Members are obliged to know and obey all Club rules as outlined in the Bylaws.

1.2. Associate members

1.2.1. Eligibility UBC Faculty or Staff Spouses of Student Members or spouses of Associate Members.

1.2.2. Privileges All social and competitive privileges of the club. The use of Club equipment (see Bylaw 12). Associate Members may not vote nor may they hold Executive positions.

1.2.3. Qualifications Qualifications shall be the same as for Student Members.

1.3. Alumni Members

1.3.1. Eligibility Must have been members of the VOC previously, either as Student Members or as Associate Members. Must not be currently members of the AMS, so not eligible for Student Membership. Must not be Faculty or Staff, so not eligible for Associate Membership.

1.3.2. Privileges All social and competitive privileges of the Club. No use of Club equipment (see Bylaw 12). Shall not receive complimentary copy of the Varsity Outdoor Club Journal.

1.3.3. Qualifications Alumni Members are members for life. They are not required to perform any qualifications. Alumni Members may, on payment of the Associate Membership fee, receive equipment privileges and receive a copy of the journal for the year.

1.3.4. Obligations Members are obliged to know and obey all Club rules as outlined in the Bylaws.

1.4. Honorary Members

1.4.1. Eligibility Persons who have shown a keen interest in the VOC may be awarded Honorary Membership.

1.4.2. Privileges All social and competitive privileges of the club. Honorary Members will be presented with a Club pin on their election.

1.4.3. Qualifications Honorary Members are elected at a General Meeting, and are members for life.


The Executive of the VOC shall comprise of the following positions:

4.1 President 4.2 Vice President 4.3 Treasurer 4.4 Secretary 4.5 Quartermasters (two) 4.6 Trips Coordinator 4.7 Membership Chairperson 4.8 Public Relations Officer 4.9 Outdoor Clubs Liaison Officer 4.10 Archivist 4.11 Journal Editor 4.12 Newsletter Editor 4.13 Special Project Coordinator 4.14 Climbing Wall Coordinator


All financial dealings shall be done through the AMS Administration Office. The sole signing officer of the VOC shall be the TREASURER.


6.1 All amendments shall be forwarded to the SAC secretary and shall be favourably voted upon by SAC in order to become effective. 6.2 All amendendments within the club shall be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority at a general meeting where quorum is present and shall be presented at a general meeting at least two (2) weeks before it is voted upon. 6.2.1 An amendement may be proposed at a general meeting if it is passed by the executive and presented with a signed minute 6.2.2 An ammendment may be proposed by a general meeting if it is presented by a signed petition representing twenty percent (20%) of the active membership. 6.3 The constitution may be amended by a minute of the SAC



1.1 General Meetings 1.1.1 There shall be a minimum of one general meeting during the University winter session. 1.1.2 A general meeting shall be called by the President at the request of the executive. 1.1.3 A general meeting shalled by called by the President on receipt of a petition representing at least forty precent (40%) of the active membership 1.1.4 Notice of the general meeting shall be posted on the board in the clubroom at least seven (7) days before the meeting is to take place. 1.1.5 Quorum: If the agenda, time, and place of the meeting have been posted seven (7) days in advance on the notice board in the Clubroom, fifteen percent (15%) of the voting members shall constitute a quorum. 1.2 Executive Meetings

1.2.1 Executive Meetings shall be called by the President, or upon request of one third of the officers. 1.2.2 Only elected officers may vote at Executive Meetings. 1.2.3 One half (1/2) of the Executive shall constitute a quorum.


2.1 The election of officers shall take place during the first two (2) weeks of March. 2.2 Voting shall be by secret ballot 2.3 Nominations shall be in to the president at least a week before the election meeting 2.4 The president may accept nominations from the floor 2.5 The new executive shall take office at the second executive meeting after the election 2.6 Results of the election shall be submitted to the SAC Secretary no later than seven (7) days after the elction.


3.1 Only living active members of the Alma Mater Society shall be eligible to hold Executive offices 3.2 The President, Vice President and Treasurer must have been Student Members for at least one full year. 3.3 The President and Treasurer must have been a member of a previous VOC Executive.


See Article 3 for the privileges that go with various forms of membership.


5.1 General

5.1.1 Each Executive Officer shall present a full written report of his or her year’s duties, actions, contracts, inventories and all other pertinent and valuable information to the new Executive at the General Meeting prior to the Joint Executive Meeting. 5.1.2 Any officer who requires assistance with his/her duties may request the services of volunteers or an appointed committee. 5.1.3 Any officer not fulfilling his/her duties as decided by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive, and subject to the same vote at a General Meeting, must resign. 5.1.4 Term of office begins at the Joint Executive Meeting in the Spring.

5.2 Executive Duties

5.2.1 President Preside at all Executive and General Meetings. Act as coordinator of all Executive positions. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

5.2.2 Vice President Assist the president in all his/her duties. Organize all Club social functions.

5.2.3 Treasurer Be responsible for all Club financial matters, especially budgeting.

5.2.4 Secretary Keep minutes of the Executive and General Meetings, file minutes for the year, and post a copy of the same in the Clubroom within one week of Meetings. Be responsible for all mail correspondence, collecting mail, and ensuring that it is answered or otherwise dealt with in a timely manner. Assist the Membership Chairperson to revise the Membership Handbook and other membership documents.

5.2.5 Trips Coordinator Be responsible for coordinating all regular Club trips. Be responsible for organizing our instructional outdoors schools. Ensure there is a suitable schedule of trips of all levels for our Members. Act as a resource for Members who wish to lead trips.

5.2.6 Quartermaster There are two Quartermasters elected. Maintain Club equipment in the equipment room. Maintain an inventory of Club Equipment Set deposits and policy for equipment, subject to Executive approval. Maintain regular hours for taking out and bringing back equipment. Be responsible for the internal marketing of all VOC publications and sundries, such as maps, guide books, VOC shirts, journals, songbooks. In the event that the required deposit was not taken, assume financial responsibility to the extent of the appropriate deposit.

5.2.7 Membership Chair Organize the membership drive. Record eligibility for membership according to qualifications completed. Maintain a list of members. Publish, by October 31st, the Hustler’s Handbook of all paid-up members, plus Alumni and Honorary members who have requested in writing to be included.

5.2.8 Journal Editor Be responsible for the editing and publishing of the Journal, to coincide with the Annual Banquet, typically in April. Be responsible for the editing, updating, publishing and external marketing of all VOC publications including those not published on an annual basis.

5.2.9 Newsletter Editor Keeps a list of email addresses of all the members who wish to receive our weekly newsletter. Actively seeks out material to publish in our weekly newsletter. Publishes the newsletter in a reliable fashion, preferably Tuesday evening.

5.2.10 Archivist Maintain the VOC library, guide books, maps, old journals and current records. Keep the Clubroom neat and pleasant.

5.2.11 Public Relations Officer As Booking Officer, organizes bookings of rooms for VOC events on Campus. Provides a schedule of speakers and films for General and social Meetings.

5.2.12 External Liaison Officer Act as the Club’s representative to the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC). Act as the Club’s representative to the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC).

5.2.13 Special Projects Coordinator Be responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of trails, cabins, and other projects. Coordinates information about our cabins, and any work that needs doing.

5.2.14 Climbing Wall Coordinator Responsible for issuing Climbing wall membership passes to members. Obtains and posts a schedule for use of the climbing wall. The Climbing Wall Coordinator is the Club’s alternate Booking Officer. (see Public Relations Officer)


6.1 All procedural matters shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. 6.2 Any further discrepancies shall be decided by the Students Court, which is the final authority.


Unless otherwise stated, the quorum for all Meetings shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of Student Members.


8.1 Fees shall not be refundable under any circumstances. 8.2 The Executive may amend the fees at the first Executive Meeting of the winter session, but the amendment shall not be valid unless passed by SAC. 8.3 Student membership fees are $30.00 8.4 Associate membership fees are $45.00 8.5 Alumni may pay $45.00 if they wish and this gives them access to Club equipment and a copy of the Varsity Outdoor Club Journal. 8.6 Honorary Members pay no annual fees.


Committees may be appointed by the executive or at a general meeting, but the executive still shall take the responsibility to supervise and control the activities of all committees. Appointed executives or committee members shall not have a vote in executive decisions, but shall have regular voting privileges at Annual General Meetings.


10.1 In acordance with the AMS Bylaw 13(6) (Subsidiary Organizations), all fundes shall be remitted to the Vice-President Fincance. 10.2 An annual report including a statement of club proposed expenditures and expected revenues shall be submitted to the Vice-President Finance by April 1 of each year.


11.1 Regular General Meetings are suspended over the Summer Term. 11.2 Executive duties are the responsibility of the new Executive. 11.3 Executive unable to perform their duties over the Summer Term shall appoint a suitable replacement before the last General Meeting.


12.1 To borrow Club equipment, a Member with gear privileges must pay a deposit as specified by the Quartermaster(s). 12.2 A member must forfeit part or all of the deposit upon failure to return the equipment by the deadline agreed upon. 12.3 A member must assume financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment. 12.4 Equipment privileges may be revoked by agreement of both Quartermasters.


In recognition of outstanding Club work by Members, the following awards may be given at the Annual Banquet. Awards shall be made only if a suitable candidate may be found. The candidates shall be chosen by the President or Vice President and two other Club Members.

13.1 Silver VOC Pin The number of pins awarded each year shall not exceed two percent (2%) of the total membership and shall be awarded preferably to persons on their graduating year, on a two-thirds (2/3) Executive vote.

13.2 Gold VOC Pin In very exceptional circumstances, the committee may see fit to award a Gold VOC Pin. Before this can be awarded, a three-quarter (3/4) vote at a General Meeting must approve.


Nothing in these bylaws shall be interpreted in a manner contradictory to the AMS Constitution, Code, rules, regulations or policies enacted from time to time by the Alma Mater Society.