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In an effort to reward our dedicated members who spend time teaching and leading our beginner members on some of the most fun trips to some of the most beautiful places in BC, we have developed a partnership with to offer discounts on backcountry brands. These discounts are open to members who we call VOC Trip Organizers (TO). You may be thinking to yourself, "I have led trips for the VOC! Am I a VOC Trip Organizer?" Or "how do I lead trips for the VOC to become a VOC Trip Organizer?" Well, in order to answer these questions, the exec has come up with a handy check list to determine if trips you have already led qualify you as a VOC Trip Organizer, or how help you lead your first trips to qualify you as a VOC Trip Organizer.

Requirements to be eligible for Trip Organizer incentives: Minimum of two trips organized, once two trips have been organized, TO status expires when current membership year expires. What is required for a trip to count towards the incentive?

  1. Post trip 2 weeks in advance of the start date. Trip must be posted on both the Wiki and Message Board Components of a Wiki page: Date, location, trip/route beta/description, driving directions, required gear, trip sign-up (plus possible waiting list), carpool sign-up.
  2. Have a pre-trip meeting to decide carpools, food groups, directions, etc.
  3. Ensure someone (possibly you) is comfortable being the most experienced person on the trip and/or the person responsible for route finding. If you are personally not comfortable with that responsibility, that you must ensure there is someone who is, or else the trip should not run!
  4. Establish and communicate with an emergency contact in Vancouver, who has a trip plan with specific dates, times and locations of the trip.
  5. Set a planned return contact date and time (possibly with a buffer period) with your emergency contact. The emergency contact must be attentive to this date and time, and be comfortable and reliable in alerting authorities to emergency or failure to return by specified return date and time.
  6. Run Trip, and contact emergency contact when all parties have returned to the vehicles.
  7. Ensure that a Trip Report is written and posted in a timely manner.

Once you feel you have fulfilled all of these requirements you can apply through the link below. Once you follow the link, click "Apply" button under the Join Team bar on the left side of the page. Fill in the forms to complete the application and wait for one of us admins to approve your account then buy a bunch of gear and go skiing or climbing and lead more trips!

DPS Skis Deal

DPS Skis is also offering pro-deal pricing for Trip Organizers. Please contact Nick G if you are interested.

Thanks for leading trips folk!