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==External Links and References==
==External Links and References==
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edible_wild_plants Edible wild plants at Wikipedia]

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This article is all about edible plants that can be found in Southwest British Columbia.


Wild blueberries are way better than anything you can get in the store. Usually they are a bit smaller, but look generally the same. High bush and low bush varieties exist, and all are edible.
Black Huckleberries
Black Huckleberries are easy to mistake for blueberries unless the two are present side by side. They tend to ripen earlier in the year the blueberries. Black huckleberries have a shiny surface whereas real blueberries are a more matte powdery blue colour.
Red Huckleberries
Salal berries
The berries of the salal plant were a major food source for BC Natives. They are not as sweet as many other eddible berries.
Salmon berries
These berries look like a orange raspberry. They are usually among the first berries to ripen in the spring
Thimble berries


External Links and References

Edible wild plants at Wikipedia