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The FMCBC/ACC Representative:

  • Attends FMCBC meetings and reports back to the VOC Exec on the various FMCBC projects and objectives.
  • Assists the VOC Executive to formulate policy regarding the FMCBC projects and objectives.
  • Ensures that the FMCBC is aware of the VOC position.
  • A position suitable for someone who is big on environmental issues and feels that the FMCBC can further their objectives.
  • Organizes writting letter to various government people about recreation and conservation issues that affect the VOC.
  • Acts as liaison between the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) and VOC. Is familiar with ACC and what it has to offer to VOC.
  • Tries to keep the VOC up to date on environmental and conservation issues that might affect outdoor recreation in BC
  • Organizes letter writing events to encourage members to act on conservation issues

Current Exec Report

Past FMCBC/ACC Representatives

Because sometimes it helps to talk to those who have been there before.

2013 - 2014 FMCBC ACC Representative: Chloe Williams
2012 - 2013 FMCBC ACC Representative: Ben Singleton-Polster
2011 - 2012 FMCBC ACC Representative: Erica Lay
2010 - 2011 FMCBC ACC Representative: ???
2009 - 2010 FMCBC ACC Representative: Emily Ackroyd
2008 - 2009 FMCBC ACC Representative: Scott Webster for many years

Past Exec Reports

File:Http://www.ubc-voc.com/mediawiki/images/0/07/VOCJ55 FMCBC Report.pdf Exec report - FMCBC ACC Representative 2008 - 2009
Exec report - FMCBC ACC Representative 2007 - 2008
Exec report - FMCBC ACC Representative 2006 - 2007