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[[Exec Report - Quartermasters 2006 - 2007]]
[[Exec Report - Quartermasters 2006 - 2007]]
[[Category: Exec Reports - Quartermasters]]
[[Category:Exec reports]]
[[Category:Exec reports - Quartermasters]]

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The Quartermasters (there are two) :

  • Posts hours for taking out and returning gear.
  • Is at the Clubroom reliably, to issue and receive gear.
  • Ensures that people taking out gear are treated fairly and have reasonable expectations about when the gear must be back and what if it isn't.
  • Keeps track of gear, makes sure it is returned on time, in good shape, buys more if needed, looks for deals on gear, does inventories, tests transceivers.
  • Organizes the VOC Fall gear swap and/or ski tuning session.
  • Attends the spring MEC Gear Swap looking for deals.
  • Is heartless and insensitive in dealing with delinquents, repeat offenders, and gear hoarders.
  • A good position for somebody who intends to spend a couple of noon hours every week in the Clubroom, who is organized and is interested in what we are doing with the gear.

Current Exec Report

2007 - 2008

Quartermasters: Piotr Forysinski, Andrew Silversides

Past Exec Reports

Exec Report - Quartermasters 2006 - 2007