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==Current Exec Report==
==Current Exec Report==
===2016 - 2017===
''Quartermasters: Kelsey Miller, Carly Peterson, Nick Uleryk-Carvalho, Bryan Starick, Anna Geller, Nick Hindley''
===2009 - 2010===
===2009 - 2010===

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The Quartermasters (there are five) :

  • Posts hours for taking out and returning gear.
  • Shows up at the Clubroom reliably, to issue and receive gear.
  • Ensures that people taking out gear are treated fairly and have reasonable expectations about when the gear must be back and what if it isn't.
  • Keeps track of gear, makes sure it is returned on time, in good shape, buys more if needed, looks for deals on gear, does inventories, tests transceivers.
  • Organizes the VOC Fall gear swap and/or ski tuning session.
  • Attends the MEC Gear Swap looking for deals.
  • Is heartless and insensitive in dealing with delinquents, repeat offenders, and gear hoarders.
  • A good position for somebody who intends to spend a couple of noon hours every week in the Clubroom, who is organized and is interested in what we are doing with the gear. You get to find out who's actually doing trips in the Club.

Current Exec Report

2016 - 2017

Quartermasters: Kelsey Miller, Carly Peterson, Nick Uleryk-Carvalho, Bryan Starick, Anna Geller, Nick Hindley

2009 - 2010

Quartermasters: Piotr Forysinski, Lisa Pittl, Jacob Slosberg, Stephen Mullen

Draft: refer to "5-year gear plan"... likely this needs updating, as our gear funding has increased and we've got a few surprise injections of cheap/free gear

Opperations: -the gear-room safe for gear deposits -- keys/combo

Ski equipment: -attempt to standardize the bindings by only purchasing G3 Targa's (note: T/9 versions have aluminum toeplates, and should be avoided like the plague)

Beacons: -20 BCA Trackers were purchased this year on a pro-deal through BCA (negotiated by Jacob). There have been a few units that have been acting up. They should be sent back to BCA for a diagnostic. If this hasn't been done as of May 2010, it should. If it has been done, the new quartermasters should be expecting the units returned sometime over the summer, OR check back with BCA late summer to find out what's up with our beacons

-7 or 8 Ortovox F1 beacons were sent back to Ortovox Canada (calgary) in Dec. '09 for diagnostic & service. They havn't been returned yet. Stephen will check up on this.

Contacts at G3: (bindings & parts, shovels & probes) -when new parts are required to maintain our binding fleet, contact Marty Lazarski ([email protected]), or Stephen France ([email protected] They're both in Customer service, and Stephen is ex-VOC (and stoked to help us with gear)

General equipment: -Jacob has contacts with NOLS. (skis & Voile bindings, mountaineering gear, etc). He can fill in the details here:

-Stephen & Veenstra have had good dealings with Tim Michell ([email protected]). He's the warrenty guy at MEC head office. He'll likely have gear from time to time that MEC will donate to the VOC. Tim is the type of guy that 'doesn't like to see the gear get thrown out'. This is gear that's been warrantied by MEC members, has been determined to be a manufacturer's issue, and the manufacturer does't want it back for testing. It is given to us with the understanding that we'll never attempt to return it to MEC (that'd be fraud), or never sell it (it was donated in good faith). It's donated 'as-is', and WE need to assess whether it's safe to use. Often it's only one small part of the gear that is affected (ie, broken cable on an otherwise brand new tele binding). multiple broken bindings can be combined into good bindings, or good parts can be salvaged as spares. Often, gear will be donated that is outside of the scope of the club's rental fleet, ie light hiking boots, water filters, headlamps, or camping mats. These items can be given to 'needy' VOC'ers, (maybe upon the completion of a work hike -- ie. fix 2 or 3 leaky camp mats, return 2 good ones to the club, and keep one for themselves).

Past Exec Reports

Exec report - Quartermasters 2008 - 2009
Exec report - Quartermasters 2007 - 2008
Exec report - Quartermasters 2006 - 2007