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The Quartermasters (there are two) :

  • Posts hours for taking out and returning gear.
  • Is at the Clubroom reliably, to issue and receive gear.
  • Ensures that people taking out gear are treated fairly and have reasonable expectations about when the gear must be back and what if it isn't.
  • Keeps track of gear, makes sure it is returned on time, in good shape, buys more if needed, looks for deals on gear, does inventories, tests transceivers.
  • Organizes the VOC Fall gear swap and/or ski tuning session.
  • Attends the spring MEC Gear Swap looking for deals.
  • Is heartless and insensitive in dealing with delinquents, repeat offenders, and gear hoarders.
  • A good position for somebody who intends to spend a couple of noon hours every week in the Clubroom, who is organized and is interested in what we are doing with the gear.

Exec Reports


Quartermasters: Andrew Pare, James Painter (April-December), Piotr Forysinski (January-April)

Andrew Pare 2006-2007

I thought I'd just list what I did over the year and put in some advice on each point.

Year Round - post and have gear hours during the week to rent gear - hopefully between the two QM, the gear room is open everyday - be available for appointments for people who can't make gear hours - track down late rentals

Fall Gear Swap - Post 'official' plan of some sort on message board - take volunteers for work hikes and strongly encourage them to come early and get a spot early in line - convince the VOC member nearest the front to grab tranceivors or anything else essential

Fall Ski Tune Up - try and find knowledgable people to lead ski tune session and teach waxing, skin gluing, edging - I was able to find a few people who used to race and they were great to teach - important to get people to sign up and come out to help as this can take a long time to tune all the skis or even most of them

Spring Gear Swap - same as fall swap