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The Vice-President:

  • Takes over when the President is unavailable.
  • Organizes Longhike in the fall, a major social event.
  • Organizes the Banquet in the spring, another, different, social event.
  • A good position for somebody with social skills, who is good at getting lots of help when needed.

Instructions for the VP

Congratulations, you're supposed to be the second highest ranked person in the club but who's kidding, the treasurer has away more influence than you, so does the senior quartermaster. Should have ran for Secretary, eh? Don't let this weight you down. You're still the to-go guy/girl to get Longhike, the Winter Social and the Banquet off the ground. And if you're extremely lucky, you may become president if the current president dies on some beginner friendly or mountaineering trip, which has never occurred in the history of the VOC during a president's term, only afterward.

As soon as you get elected, you must start thinking about preparing Longhike in the fall. Sounds daunting but if the work is properly spread out over the summer, it should be a breeze. A comprehensive organization Longhike timeline can be viewed here.

Thinking that you're in the clear after Longhike? Nope. Next up is the winter social in early December. It's somewhat a Christmas-ish get-together minus the Christmas part before the holidays that involves some potluck, slideshow and maybe even some dancing. Think of it as a poor man's Banquet. Doesn't mean it has to be cheap but it doesn't require to be as elaborate as the Banquet. A comprehensive organizational winter social timeline can be viewed here.

Now, you're in the clear for a few months. Try to enjoy it as much as you can because it seems there's always something else to do. By early February, it's time to get the ball rolling for the semi-formal annual VOC Banquet. The Banquet is typically held 1-2 weeks before the start of the winter exam period. Don't worry, it's at least an order of magnitude less demanding that organizing Longhike. A few emails here and there should be all you need to get everything organized. A comprehensive organizational winter social timeline can be viewed here.

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